Multifl0w Brings Great Multitasking To iOS 4


The multitasking feature found in iOS 4 is great to quickly switch between apps without having to actually close the app. However, Apple’s multitasking always seemed to lack that Apple finesse.

After recently jailbreaking my iPhone 4, I came across Multifl0w, an app that adds a great multitasking interface to iOS 4 (or iOS 3.2 and later on iPad).

Multifl0w works with the free ‘backgrounder’ app in Cydia and displays up to nine open apps at a time. When used, the interface is a lot like Exposè on a Mac, where all of the open windows/apps are displayed in a grid for easy viewing.

In the case of Multifl0w, the app displays up to nine open app windows at a time in a 3×3 grid. The app display is also large enough that users can easily see what’s going on with an open app.

Compared with the current iOS 4 multitasking, all you see is app icons. Although, users can have Multifl0w replace Apple’s multitasking feature or run alongside it.

Overall, the app runs very quickly and smoothly with no visual lags. If you’re looking for a multitasking app with that extra finesse, check this out.

Multifl0w is available on the Cydia store for $4.99.



  • Chrome262

    if you use it with the existing multitasking can you set which one comes up when you hit the home button?

  • Ex


  • Junior

    Thats dirty(good thing) Apple should do that on their next firmware update.

  • Nick

    I bet using this is a real battery drain. Apple’s version of multitasking involves ‘pausing’ applications in the background except certain functions, but with backgrounder each app is running in full in the background all the time

  • Just installed on IOS 4.01 , works really well .. my new Fav J/B app ..

  • Guest

    $5 for a fancy multitask? I’ll stick with the free one. I remember when most, if not all the cydia apps were free.

  • Shadow

    Looks pretty slick… Might consider getting it through Cydia…

    Although while looking into this I found Circuitous which seems just as awesome AND its FREEEEEE! =)
    Fantastic for my iPad which sadly has no built in multi tasking until 4.0 is released for iPad this fall….

  • Hyperextension

    Multifl0w is DAMN sweet!! Love it on my i4. Apple should really take note and implement apps like the jailbreak community does. Is it just me, or does Apple seem to have inferior apps compared to similar jailbroken ones?

  • You a very real point. It may be pleasing to the eye but your battery life will be halved or worse depending on what you have running in the background,

  • Steve Lam

    um most ARE still free.

  • Do I really need backgrounder? I dont really want to download it cause its a battery killer. Can I just download multiflow to work with Apple’s “multitasking” ? Thanks.

  • Noahattic

    that’s exactly what i want . i dont want the backgrounder draining the battery. if multifl0w turns out to be an apple version of multi-tasking add-on, that will be very awesome. i’ll buy it.