PwnageTool iOS 4.1 Jailbreak Download Coming Soon


The iPhone Dev Team announced that an updated PwnageTool to jailbreak iOS 4.1 would be released Sunday, but it has been delayed.

In related news, MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team tweeted that they have figured out a way to extend PwnageTool to jailbreak all future A4 firmwares. Using a combination of the exploit from Geohot’s limera1n and Comex’s kernal hack, PwnageTool will result in continued untethered jailbreaks (tethered jailbreaks require you to re-jailbreak if you run out of battery).

Also, here’s an screenshot preview of PwnageTool 4.1. MuscleNerd mentions the screen is getting crowded now with the addition of the Apple TV:

Want to Keep Your iPhone Unlock? Use PwnageTool

If you require to keep your iPhone unlocked (ie to be able to use ANY carrier SIM card), PwnageTool is the solution for you. It will create a custom jailbroken firmware that you can restore your iPhone with, while preserving your old baseband.

PwnageTool should be coming soon. Stay tuned for updates!


  • SF

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  • Derka181

    So if I have a iPhone 3G with OS 4.1 and broadband 5.14.02, will I be able to unlock the phone??

  • AgB

    I need some help with my iPhone 4 unlock. I’m on ios 4.01 with baseband 1.59.0 and after jailbreaking my phone and unlocking it with ultrasn0w I tried putting in a vodafone uk sim card but had no success. I installed the latest version of ultrasn0w, the phone restarted and I didn’t update the phone or even sync it with iTunes. I’ve even reinstalled ultrasn0w. I’m not sure if I was supposed to sync it or restore it or what. Could someone please help me out? Thanks a lot.

  • Kerry

    Like I said, it’s like waiting to buy an iPhone . . .

  • GregCrick

    I’m under the impression that ultasn0w will not work with a device that has been updated to 4.0.1.

    I’m in the same boat as you so if I’m wrong someone please speak up.

  • Anonymous

    please help!

    i paid top dollar for a factory unlocked iphone 4 running 4.1

    if i jail break would i be able to unjailbreak easily without any trace of having jailbroken to preserve the warantee and resale value?

    i want to know if it’s completely risk free and i can go back to being unjail broken without any trace.

  • Ex

    Yes. You can revert back with all traces gone.

  • Anonymous

    thanks! much appreciated. will reverting also erase all my regular iphone settings like mail and other UI tweeks?

    is tethered the only benefit of pwnage over limra1n which is already out?

  • Ex

    Reverting brings your iPhone back to the state it was prior to the jailbreak.

    The benefit of PwnageTool is that it does not update the iPhone baseband, allowing users to unlock their iPhone.

    Limerain/greenpoison and the rest update your baseband, preventing an unlock.

    Since yours is already unlocked, you can just go ahead and use greenpoison.

  • Anonymous

    i was looking for you guys in line on launch day and didn’t find you. you should organize a meetup. maybe a jailbreak party?!

  • Ex

    Gary was in line for iPhone 4. The rest of the iphoneincanada crew were close by.

  • Eric

    I used the greenpoison jail break tool. Are you telling me that if I let my battery go to zero, I’ll need to re-jailbreak?

  • Anonymous

    Works with 4.0.1 but not 4.0.2 or 4.1 from my understanding.

  • AgB

    That’s what I thought, but after jailbreaking my phone and using ultrasn0w I put in a uk sim card but it didn’t work. Have I missed something?

  • Kosaul

    I have an iPhone 4 preloaded with os4.1. It is my understanding that pwnage tool will JB and unlock my phone. It’s not like I have to be updating from a lower iOS version is it? Also if I choose to JB now with greenpoison will I be able to unlock later when ios4.2 comes out. Or am I screwed?

    This is confusing stuff man!

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  • Howard

    Trying to order Max Protection for iP4… code above is invalid. Tried all upper case as well, still no go.