Infinity Blade 2 Developer Trailer Reveals Stunning Graphics [VIDEO]


Infinity Blade 2, the second title from the iOS exclusive RPG franchise by Epic Games is due for launch on December 1st and ahead of the highly anticipated release, a developer trailer has just been released which reveals pretty amazing game visuals. The trailer shows developers discussing the Infinity Blade 2’s high-end graphics which will fully utilize the power of Apple’s A5 processor. The game will feature new weapons, an updated combat system and a lot more areas to explore.

First showcased at this year’s iPhone 4S keynote, Infinity Blade 2 is expected to be a massive hit when it lands next week. Meanwhile, check out the jaw-dropping game graphics in the following trailer (via Mac Stories):


  • Anonymous

    sunning graphics?

  • You know technically, they’re pimping their use of light and light shafts in the engine, so maybe yep? Unintended pun? 😛

  • Wuju

    Can’t wait. I’ll be getting it for sure. I wonder how it plays on iPhone 4 though, or the game wouldn’t even  play on it?