World of Warcraft to Hit iOS, Eventually, Maybe?


In an interview with gaming blog Eurogamer, Senior World of Warcraft developer, John Lagrave told the blog that Blizzard is still looking into bringing World of Warcraft to mobile platforms.

Lagrave explained to Eurogamer that they are definitely looking into to bringing WOW to mobile gaming, but it is hard. They want to get it just right, and it’s difficult to get everything from the desktop version packed into a little hand held device. He further explained that they won’t put out a watered down version, saying “We won’t do it until it’s decent.”. Lagrave says they are always looking into it, but haven’t solved it yet.

There have also been rumours that Blizzard could release a companion app to it’s next expansion “Mists of Pandaria”, which will include a pet battle system and some “mini games” like farming and fishing. The app could give you access to your mini games, when away from your computer. Lagrave couldn’t confirm that any such app is in production, but he did agree that this is something they could look at.

“So we certainly look at that, but we just haven’t solved it. What we’ve done with WOW on mobile devices is very simplistic: view the armoury, you check your auctions – not just on mobile but also on web. When we have an epiphany, everyone will know,” he added. “But for now, no epiphany!”

So, is World of Warcraft coming to iOS? Not anytime soon, but it’s something we could see in the future. Would you want to play WOW on your iPhone or iPad? Personally, I don’t play the game at all, but I can see how addictive it can become. Maybe that’s why I have avoided it. 😛


  • Kraken

    Screw WOW. I want to see Diablo on iOS.

  • For those who can’t wait until WoW hits iOS, there is always “Order and Chaos Online”. A pretty decent clone made by Gameloft.

  • K3

    .. not into gaming much these days here but was under the impression the new iPad had as much horsepower as some of the consoles like xbox and ps3?

    Could be a given that Apple will be setting the new iTouch and iPhone in this direction over the  summer as well, so wouldn’t that be workable for game titles like this?

  • Edd

    oh yeah that will happen.  but it will happen in 20+ more years… i guess my kids will see that day happen.  With the freaking gay slow production speed from Blizzard?  yeah…forget about it.  

  • Apple will want 30% of that $15/month. So not likely to happen IMO.

    Also, typical WoW addicts use every button they can find – KB, Numpads and even monstrous specialty mice with a 100 buttons. That’s a big technical challenge.

    A simpler game like Guild Wars would be better IMO. One time purchase with free MMO elements, and it is simpler overall. Also missions can be short.