iPhone 5 Blueprint Shows 4-Inch Display & New Position Of FaceTime Camera


Looks like its going to be the week of next-gen iPhone leaks. Only yesterday, images of purported iPhone 5 rear shell along with its side were leaked by at least two different sources. Today, a new blueprint has been leaked on the web (via Macotakara) which points at a larger display measuring a little over 4″ along with a new position of the FaceTime camera i.e above the earpiece instead of being next to it as found in iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. However, the legitimacy of the schematic cannot by guaranteed at this moment.

According to the source:

iLab Factory carries the image thought to be the plan of the back panel housing of next iPhone. It is thought with a plan for back panel housings leaked yesterday and seems to be more likely to become slightly lengthwise.

Even though we cannot be certain of anything yet, but it would be pretty safe to expect that Apple’s next-gen iPhone is going to sport a larger display than previous models.


  • brizer

    Going for bigger phones… What is this, the 80s???

    The last iPhone was perfect in size, weight and thickness. Why mess with it. Make it faster, more functional.. Good to go. I’d get one over the ip4.

  • you do that and people will complain that iphone5 is just a specs bump from the iphone4..

  • Sarthak Shah

    they are probably only increasing the screen real estate, the overall size of the phone is not going to change. 

    3.5′ feels too small against some android competition in the market so 4′ is a decent size