iPhone 5 Launching September 13, 2011?


AppleInsider reports today that Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray joined the rumor mill and agrees that the next-generation iPhone, the iPhone 5, will launch later than the usual summer time frame.

Specifically, there is agreement that the device will launch in September. Munster notes that, on average, there are 79 days between Apple’s iOS software events and iPhone hardware announcements.

He further notes that there has been an average of 99 days between the software event and the actual ship date of a new iPhone.

Based on that data, if Apple reveals iOS 5 at WWDC, averages say that an iPhone 5 announcement is due August 24 with a shipping date of September 13, 2011.

September 13 eh. Thoughts?



  • Wsmithitguy

    Statistics can be manipulated to prove anything.

  • Drocass

     Guys! lol your confusing meeee!
    June, now September, June, Delayed till early 2012? now september again, iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S, now 5 again
    lol not knocking you guys but this is getting rather confusing lol

  • Wahidafg

    Hahaha.. I agree
    I will just wait till Summer 2012 and get the iPhone 5 on a 4g network if I’m alive until then lol

  • Peter

     I think using the term “iPhone 5” is misleading.  The “5” will be a more significant upgrade/overhaul to the iPhone.  The consensus among analysts is that the iPhone upgrade in September will NOT be a significant upgrade worthy of the term “iPhone 5”.  It will be more like the iPhone 3G->3GS upgrade; whatever this one is called, be it “iPhone 4S”.
    Please use the correct terminology so you don’t mislead your readers.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t you know the world is ending tommorow LOL

  •  Wrong, people will have 5 months of torture 🙂 October 21st is when the world is ending.

  • Anonymous

    that logic is flawed because you cant just take the avg dates and predict the future date ESPECIALLY if you noticed that after each release apple has CONSISTENTLY announced and delivered in shorter time spans.

  • Auto Strada

    Peter, so you know for sure that it will be an iPhone 4s, huh? NO terminology is correct until Jobs calls it.

    All of you who think this is confusing should stop reading until an official word comes. It’ll only get worse as the days tick by.

  • Anonymous

    Call it the iPhone X
    Let X equal anything you want 😛

  • Peter

    It’s stating the obvious that Apple has the final word…as opposed to us jokers on a website.

    Having said that, history shows that Apple reserves changes in model number/names of products for major revisions. If Apple were to introduce minor revisions but tout it as a new model number, suggesting a major evolution in the product line, that makes the company look pretty stupid (kinda like RIM actually, lol)

    I’m willing to bet cold hard cash this will NOT be “iPhone 5”.

  • MkDonald

    iPhone 5 rapture edition

  • Ahaha. Oh man. This never ends, eh? Good times, though. I like following the rumor mill, all the way up to the official announcement. We’ll all be in line, no matter what it’s called, or when it’s released. 🙂

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