iPhone 5: No Giant Screen, 16:9 Ratio or Metal Back; Smaller Dock Connector Coming [Rumours]


Looks like we have some more rumours coming our way for the next iPhone 5, according to iMore:

…according to our sources Apple still hasn’t finalized the design of the next generation iPhone 5 (or whatever Apple ends up calling iPhone 5,1). No giant screen. No 16:9 aspect ratio. No metal back.


Currently, the new, smaller dock connector is being implemented, but no changes to screen size or aspect ratio have been decided on. And yes, it still has a Home button.

It was also noted October is once again the launch period for the next generation iPhone, alongside a 7-inch iPad. Oh, and Apple will be implementing their own mapping solution to bypass Google. Once again, rumours of a smaller dock connector have surfaced again.

I don’t know what else to say but these rumours sound like Christmas day is approaching. Thoughts?

[via iMore]


  • Devan Demita

    That’s so disappointing! I mean, I love my iPhone 4 but come on. The reason I didnt upgrade to the 4s was because there really wasnt much difference besides the chip, camera and siri. I upgrade for the look not just performance, the 4 already works great! I want the iphone 5 thinner, with a larger screen, new features, that Liquid Metal design sounded awesome and some of the concepts have been really appealing! Come on Apple take us into consideration, you know what we want!

  • CK

    No giant screen … but at least larger?  The current 3.5″ screen just looks ridiculous now.  Plus the 4S could use a better battery

  • Emccathie

    A change in the screen size is the last thing I want to see! Phones that are coming out are ridiculous in size. i want to be able to used it comfortably with one hand and be able to touch the whole screen. That is the simplicity that Steve Jobs first envisioned and its perfect!

  • Brent

    I am switching to Android. Had enough of this B.S from Apple. 

    Cm’on Galaxy SIII…

  • I am in the camp that thinks the screen size doesn’t change. The form factor and design will be new – but the screen size will be the same. The more I hear the discussion of being able to navigate the screen with one hand, the more I believe that Apple’s thinking is that that is very important in the usability of the phone. 

    But, IF it were to change, I do not think that it will be any 4.6″ or even 4.3″ size. They’ll do some analysis and determine a screen bump to x.x inches is the max they can do and still allow one handed operation and require no design considerations for existing apps.

    I’ve played with the Galaxy SII, the Galaxy Nexus, and the enormous Galaxy Note. Yes, I enjoy the large screens for viewing content, but even with my larger hands, they are cumbersome to use unless you have both hands free. I suppose you would get used to them with extended use. I came very close to dropping the phones when handling them as I would my iPhone.

    The only other thing re: a screen size increase happening would be IF there was a significant redesign of iOS to make one handed navigation easy on the larger display – but I can’t see that happening either.

    I’m sure there will be a backlash from folks who will feel the display is not large enough no matter what the outcome. I’m also sure the phone will sell sell sell regardless. 🙂 

    On a side note, the one thing I want from a new iPhone: better battery life. Much much better battery life. Everything else will be a bonus. 

  • Bbbb


  • The iPhone screen definitely feels smaller next to the big ass ‘phablets’ we’re seeing. More real estate would be nice but then the phone would be much larger.

  • Ddfd

    See ya !

  • Moz

    What I want from the next iPhone (and I think I’m very reasonable):
    -More battery life
    -More disk space
    -Waterproofing (Liquipel)
    -More readable display under the sun
    -Louder speaker

  • well no need for make the phone bigger, just maintain current form-factor and make the screen edge-to-edge (as much as possible) with more real-state at the top and bottom!

  • Theused

    I don’t know how small your hands are, but I switch from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4s(free upgrade) and was so dissapointed with the phone that I switched to a HTC one x.

    I don’t have the biggest mits, but big enough to hold the phone and touch the entire screen.

    I would really like to switch back to iPhone, as I have everything eles from apple, but they gotta make a bigger phone or they are gonna be left behind.

  • Joenlow

    So long sucker! Been there and what a mistake it was!!!!!

  • Dc

     God gave us 2 hands dont be afraid to use them!

  • Dc

     then stop playing with yourself all the time and free up your third hand.

  • Jeremy

    If they don’t take a bigger leap with the next generation iPhone , I’m  afraid its going to hit them hard with a big drop in sales.  They need a slimmer form factor but maintaining the 4/4S design which is still the best looking smart phone on the market.  4″ screen with the same pixels for pinch retina display, over 4″ just looks ridiculous. To get better battery life the iPhone needs to be slightly longer but not much wider in design.  I personally think that this year will be the big leap for apple on all platforms.  Im stoked to finally replace my iPhone 4 which is coming up on 2 years old now.