[Update] iPhone 5 To Launch In US, UK, Germany, Japan & France On October 14th?


Update 1: It appears this date has also been heard by TNW, from ‘reliable sources’.

As the launch day nears, more and more rumors are popping up suggesting even more strongly a mid-October release. Just yesterday, we told you about a Wall Street analyst’s claim that two iPhone handsets i.e an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 4S will be announced at the next month’s Apple Media Event.

Today, another report from Macotakara (via BGR) suggests Apple is likely to launch the next generation iPhone or iPhones in US, UK, Germany, Japan & France on October 14th. Even though the source has a mixed track record regarding Apple rumors, it appears that Canada is once again left out at the initial launch of a new iPhone.

As noted by BGR,

The date aligns closely with earlier comments from France Telecom CEO Stéphane Richard, who said the iPhone 5 would launch from Orange on October 15th, a Saturday. Apple launched the original iPhone, the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS on Fridays, and the iPhone 4 launched on a Thursday last year.

Earlier reports have also suggested that Apple’e new CEO Tim Cook is going to grace the stage and announce a new iPhone next week at a press conference which is scheduled to be held at the company’s Cupertino campus.


  • Anonymous

    Why exactly Canada would not receive this at launch date. We are not far away from US (a lot less than UK).

  • pascyyy

    Sadly I suspect it has to do with demand. The UK has twice the population that Canada has, and has a much greater adoption of mobile phones than Canada has so demand there is greater than it is here. As for distance, you’re assuming that the phones are being shipped to the US first before going to the UK. This might be true, might not but I suspect they go there from directly the factories in China.

    This is all speculation though so take what I say with a grain of salt.

  • DS

    ‘Time Cook’, really? Will his successor be Time Capsule?

  • Apv

    Seriously…this site is getting pretty bad with the headlines that are stated as fact….I appreciate all the reporting that is done here, but until it’s been announced by apple, please adjust your headlines accordingly. This is a RUMOR….not a fact as your headline would suggest.

  • iamlynda

    I know it’s a rumour at this point but seriously??!! Canada possibly left out of the 1st deply again?? Does Apple not like Canada? Don’t we buy millions of iDevices?? Apple if this is true you totally SUCK! and it’s too bad I love my iPhone & iPad so much or I would not buy your product!!  Keeping fingers cross that this is indeed an error

  • Roger O.

    I remember when the iPhone 4 came out I was a bit upset that we (Canadians)  did not get the original launch date (as my old phone broke and I was waiting on the iPhone4).

    However, I no longer feel it is a bad thing.  Sure, we get it a bit later than other parts of the world, however the early countries can test it and let us know if some kind of reception issue when you hold it a certain way exists, and have software and games updated for iPhone 5 by the time we get it.

    It’s actually a smart thing for Canada.  

  • xxJDxx

    For someone who checks this blog regularly and has been waiting for an i5 since June this is terrible news!!

  • Anonymous

    I am seriously considering getting Andriod phone for my wife instead of waiting for iPhone. Sort of pissed off be these rumors. It’s a hateful but works pretty well marketing strategy. But enough is enough. If the next iPhone is not available in Canada within October and has bigger than 4″ screen, 8MP camera and faster processor, I will get an Android phone for my wife instead.

  • Anonymous

    thats why theres a “?” at the end smart ass