iPhone 5 Will Launch This Fall, Says Analyst

According to a research note from senior analyst Tavis McCourt of Morgan Keegan, Apple’s next generation iPhone handset, aka the iPhone 5, is due to be launched this fall. The analyst also believes that the iPhone will comprise roughly 50% of Apple’s total revenue in the next financial quarter. With this, he is also increasing his iPhone shipment estimate for the next quarter to 29 million from the previous estimate of 27 million.

Quoting from the news source:

“We expect iPhone revenues to represent 47.5% of Apple’s total revenues in [the December quarter], up from 38.8% in the Sep. quarter, and up from 39.1% in the year ago period,” he wrote.

The iPhone 5 and Apple TV will be significant growth drivers later in the year. “We expect iPhone 5 in fall 2012 to be a significant revenue and earnings growth driver, and a potential Apple TV as upside to our model if it comes to fruition this year,” he wrote.

What else can we expect on the iPhone 5 front? Well, as of now, a wide number of rumors has suggested a completely redesigned handset with a combination of aluminum on the back and a “rubber or plastic material” along the sides to bridge the front and back of the device, a larger 4-inch touchscreen and a quad core A6 processor.

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  • K3

    You know all of this will be great come fall / winter but what can people do currently that are faced with constant problems over Apple software and hardware? 

    iTunes constantly asking for passwords, iPhone batteries killing the phone between 35 -75 %.. printers/ scanners that are no longer detected. Been an apple customer for ten years and it’s beginning
    to feel like corners being cut.


  • Anonymous

    i’ve had none of these issues whatsoever.

  • Brian_george

    iPhone 5 will launch this fall, says analyst

    “I would hardly call myself an analyst”
    -Anyone who reads ANY tech site

  • K3

    ..and your equipment would be newer than a couple of years?

    Apple discussion boards have multiple threads on iOS 5 and the battery problem. iTunes continually asking for the password should be as well, as for scanner it’s probably due to its age. 
    Assuming all of it is associated to equipment being past 3 years it would make sense that the rumour of all hardware  lines refreshed next year would be true. 

  • Ex

    I love these analyst reports because they are such bullshit! Anyone can say “the next iPhone will be available in *insert season*.”

    I’m an analyst too. The next iPhone will be released between July and October 2012.

  • I heard from Steve Jobs in my dreams it will be called the iPhone SJ. Steve wouldn’t lie to me.

  • Appelle

    It will  launch this year at some point.  Faster processor, better cameras and slightly, if not largely, different case a given but the case will be the same form factor with the screen perhaps being larger within the same form factor (so that you can still use it with one hand, as Steve Jobs demanded be the case and which makes so much sense). Maybe even the home button will be touch sensitive like the screen, but maybe not. LTE will likely be the case too if the chips can be integrated to Apple’s satisfaction by then.

  • Anonymous

    Something tells me there won’t be much of a redesign … I think Apple is happy with the current one … Maybe a few tweaks but not fully … Just my analyst opinion!

  • Qwerty

    A new iPhone in the fall? Shocker! What next, a new iPad in the spring?

  • Qwerty

    Btw I like the prototype shot in this article, would love a grippier back too.

  • Anonymous

    Again. None of these problems.

  • That’s why the first four letters of the word analyst is ANAL. Because that’s what they are. All of them.

  • K3

    and again- is your equipment newer or older?

  • Anonymous

    I have 7 apple devices ranging from old to new. All work flawlessly with the exception is a 4 1/2 year old iMac that had some water damage. It still works. Even my 7 year old G4 PowerBook works like the day I baught it. Like any computer. They all require regular maintenance. Apple products just need far less than others.

  • lesbendi

    B.G.C, everybody!

  • Ex

    Damn. I think you’re right. That definitely sounds right. We should inform the “analysts” and see what they say.

  • Tz616379

    Noooo, really? You sure?

  • K3

    Cant reply to your post below , will here….ok well maybe I should had been specific… mini running Lion and 3gs with iOS5… 

    Fully aware of how Apple has always been for last ten years with supperior quality but the above hardware & software condition have yielded  the above mentioned issues….Any search on Google will show others encountering the same problems on the Apple boards, good to see you haven’t.

  • K3

    [2007 Mini…]

  • Anonymous

    Ah. The Mac mini. I have heard of issues with that platform. I’m surprised about the 3GS though. The one I had and gave my neighbor is alive and kicking. Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Always before buying a computer I do tons of research.