Leaked iPhone 5 Back Cover Photo May Have Been Taken With An iPhone 5!


This is a long-shot, but just thinking that this could be the next iPhone is exciting!

Earlier this week, a leaked photo was reported as being the back cover of the upcoming, unannounced iPhone 5. Now, new evidence reveals that the photo may have been taken with an iPhone 5!

An analysis reveals a reflection of the device that took the photo of the supposed iPhone 5 back cover. Looking closely, you can see that the device taking the photo has an Apple logo and also has its flash and camera module separated. Recent rumors have pointed to the iPhone 5 as featuring a separate flash and camera.

You be the judge.

iPhone 5 Back Cover (Original)
iPhone 5 Back Cover (Enhanced)

[via iClarified]


  • Sparky

    Interesting. Did the analysis also check to see if all the pixels line up to detect photoshoping?

    If it’s only a slight design change (flash separate, and upgraded internals, etc.), I see no reason why Apple wouldn’t announce it in June.

  • Scott

    If you have the actual phone, why post a bad photo of just one component?
    Not to mention, why post such a bad photo in the first place?  Too many questions, too few answers – fake.

  • Purespam

    It could be a white iPhone 3GS and that took the picture and the other dot is something else or nothing…