More iPhone 5: Production In July, Launch In September


Reuters has issued a new report indicating that the iPhone 5 will begin production in July 2011 with a September 2011 release. This report corroborates recent rumors that point to a fall 2011 launch for the next iPhone.

Among all of the iPhone 5 rumors, it is still unclear why Apple has chosen to change its typical iPhone release schedule. Launching iPhones in the fall coincides with Apple’s annual iPod media event.

The new smartphone will have a faster processor but will look largely similar to the current iPhone 4, one of the people said. They declined to be identified because the plans were not yet public.

As Reuters indicates, the iPhone 5 will look similar to the iPhone 4. Again, this agrees with recent rumors that expect the next-generation iPhone to be a type of “iPhone 4GS”, similar to the evolution of the iPhone 3G to iPhone 3GS.

The device is also rumored to feature a dual-core A5 processor and graphics enhancements, increased flash storage (64 GB), a larger display (4-inches), and new cloud-based functionality via Apple’s iOS 5.

With WWDC 2011 just around the corner, Apple may use the venue to debut iOS 5 and introduce the next-generation iPhone.


[9To5Mac via Reuters]


  • Brad g

    God I hope they don’t hold it off, I hope they’re being tight lipped unlike last year. Cause I want a new iPhone, damn 3GS. -.- also happy national pot smoking day everyone! 😉

  • Wuju

    My 3 year contract with Fido ends around July with the iPhone 3G. Now I have to wait for September to come and have to go with 3 months on non contract time. That sucks since I want to renew my contract getting the iPhone 5 when the old one expires!!!


    oh noez, u got to wait 3 months! oh noez!

  • Mjfhzhtdf

    Oh yes… God I’m high.

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