New Notes App in iOS 5.1?


We have heard reports that a close to finished version of iOS 5.1 has been leaked into the wild, and we’ve seen a few new features, like the new camera button on the lock screen and Japanese supported in Siri. It seems another feature may have been leaked. Looking at this screenshot from iPhoneHellas, it would seem that the Notes app in iOS 5.1 is getting an update.

It looks like the Notes app could be getting Rich Text Formatting, with bullets and numbering, underlining, bold text, colour text, links, and more. This would be a welcome feature to the native Notes app, and would save us from looking for alternatives.



  • Weebsurfer

    So is there anything interesting about this update? Certainly not enough seen yet to blow a jailbreak. And NO mention of battery life, which was supposed to be “really” fixed this time.

  • Rui

    When will the notes from exchange be supported on the iPhone???

  • Helvetica

    I would love to see colour and bullet formatting come to Notes & Mail.  However, I doubt this screenshot was created on an iOS device.  Notice how the text doesn’t line up with the background lines?  More likely, this note was created on a Mac in Mail and synced over to an iOS device, which causes spacing abnormalities like this, in my experience anyway.

  • I’m 100% sure that this note was written on a Mac in Mail… 
    It’s easy to reproduce…

    and by the way, I wrote some parts in Textedit app….

  • Dave C

    You can type bullets in iOS by pressing and holding the “-” key or by going to the “third keyboard” (numeric shift key then hit the “#+=” shift key).  Awkward, forgettable, but doable.  

  • Anonymous

    Simplenote’s cloud syncing of notes is the killer feature because I can access my notes wherever I want. I don’t even bother with the native Notes app.

  • I love SimpleNote for that. So great.

  • Anonymous

     It’s such a simple feature that easily puts it above the native Notes app. Ever since you guys featured it a long time back, I’ve had it, and been using it. I have the most random crap recorded in there, but that’s what the app is perfect for!