Next Generation iPhone Rendered In White


Earlier this week, images leaked on the web showing a white front display plate for the next generation iPhone.

Apple has typically used a black front display plate on the front of the iPhone with the back of the iPhone being either white or black in color.

Even though the leaked images cannot be confirmed yet, iSpazio has gone and made some renders of what the next generation iPhone would look like with a white front display panel. Check out the images below:

While the rendered iPhone definitely looks neat, since we’re not used to it, I don’t really like it. It reminds me of an ice cream bar in some weird way. What do you think of the renders?



  • vinnie

    Sure it'll look better in person!!

  • jpraadt

    It has a certain charm to it, I think. Mostly it reminds me of an Android phone. Maybe that's the idea?

  • Xaroc

    Nothing gets the hype like white on white lol that will be mine very soon πŸ˜›

  • Graham

    looks like a portable mac laptop. I like it

  • Looks ok to me… no worse that being black.

  • Gtasscarlo

    If this is the new iPhone i'm gonna pick up an android device and end not be restricted by apples closed devices

  • chuck

    too many leaks for it to be real! not buying into the stories..

  • Ed

    I don't like it. Looks like those hard edges would be quite uncomfortable in the hand. It looks kinda generic to me. I'll stick with my 3g. Jailbroken 3gs is almost as good. To me it just looks cheap. With all the hype who knows what it will actually look like.

  • Xaroc

    after hearing all the horror stories, and watching video of the device failing. Your a brave ^_^.
    Hope you have fun with the Droid
    We will Cya back on the Apple side in 4 months lol ^_~

  • Carlos

    Some of you are just jumping to conclusions. We don't know ANYTHING! For all we know, this could be an Apple marketing ploy to knock us off our heels when Steve announces it to the world this June. If, in fact, it IS the REAL next iPhone, we don't know what the final, final, final product will look like.

    All I know is, I love Apple for all they've done for us and represent (to be able to survive AND succeed in an MS-infested world.), despite some of the complaints we may have against the company. It is, after all, a business and nothing's personal.

  • gtasscarlo

    im not knocking the iphone, i got a 3gs and love it despite flash,but i cant run skype over 3g and 3g unrestritor and i jailbroke my iphone and it kept crashing so now i restored to original and now im just waiting for 4.0 or the newiphone but if thats just a “prototype” and the real one doesnt look like that ill buy it,but I dont like how flash is always just steve jobs says no and everyone has to listen and cloud browser is a privacy concern so cant use that

  • Sean

    Assuming this is real, I'm pretty stoked. This is sexy. I've always wished my 3gs was all White.

  • Xaroc

    I hear what your saying to a point. My personal view is if you worried about privacy you shouldn't own any mobile phone. Its just the way of the world to monitor the people, and what we do. Can't get away from it. This whole business of flash has got a little out of hand I can agree with, but its a small thing to give up for what else we are getting. I feel bad for you that you experienced some unpleasant situations with your phone, all electronics are funny like that somtimes heh. In the end no matter if you choose apple or the dark side (lol) I hope you end up a little happier πŸ™‚

  • I really like this next generation iPhone rendered in white. It's look like mobile version of macbook.

  • eason

    i still hope the design is not like this, plz apple

  • een

    I had a white HTC Touch…until it died. White's a little…”unmasculine” seemed to be the feedback I was getting. So now I'm all butched out with a black HTC Touch…until my contract gets close enough to upgrade to the Jesus phone. Me AND my wife. She wants it bad….and an iPhone too. heh.

  • een

    …but it has a great personality.

  • rorypiper

    Intruducing: the iPhone Stormtrooper. It's a phone and messaging device. It plays music and movies. It kils rebel scum. It has over 200,000 apps… πŸ™‚

  • Appleman

    I completely agree. There has been too many leaks. Either Apple trusted too many irresponsible people to be in possession of their prototypes, or, more likely, it is just another marketing thing to generate anticipation for this June.

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  • Andrew

    anyone looking to jailbreak 3.1.3 let me know.
    in toronto that is.
    cannot unlock baseband 05.12.1

  • Andrew

    anyone looking to jailbreak 3.1.3 let me know.
    in toronto that is.
    cannot unlock baseband 05.12.1