Purported iPhone 5 Home Buttons Leaked In The Wild [PHOTOS]


Looks like a Chinese parts reseller named TVC-Mall (via Apple Bitch) has already got hold of the next-generation iPhone a.k.a iPhone 5’s home buttons and is now listing them for sale on its website. Available in black and white colors, the buttons are indeed slightly different from the rounded home buttons found in current iOS devices. While these purported iPhone 5 buttons are a bit square shaped, the center depression is still rounded, just like the present iPhone’s home button.

Quoting form the source:

The biggest surprise, or perhaps disappointment, for some is that the Home buttons appear to be round in shape. If the parts turn out to be genuine, then this would essentially quash any suggestion that Apple was redesigning the iPhone 5 with an oval touch capacitive Home button.

The same home buttons are also listed for sale in both black and white at TrueSupplier (notes MacRumors) more clearly showing that the rounded square will lie behind the front of the device and serve to hold the home button in place.


  • FragilityG4

    First I think it’s fake … It doesn’t encompass an Apple design. (Apples all about ‘Less is More’ so to them a circle within a square would be redundant)

    Second, why would anyone want to purchase these especially since there’s no guarantee they are part of the next gen iPhone?

  • Mr. Garrison

    thats some fake shit nigga

  • Guest

    I hope they incorporate a backlight in the home button to allow for visual notifications (new email, text..etc) like my old HTC Touch Pro had.

  • I think we will still only see the circle, like we do now. It looks to me like the square part would be under the touch screen. We have heard many rumours of an “all new design”, but I’m pretty sure the home button will always look the same. It’s like the iPhone’s signature.