Purported iPhone 5 Rear Shell & Sides Leaked [PHOTOS, UPDATED]


A new report by 9to5Mac notes that folks at popular iPhone repair firm iFixyouri, have got their hands on a purported iPhone 5 rear shell along with its sides. The source believes it could either be a part from the next generation iPhone or from one of its prototypes, and is made of an aluminum alloy with an integrated rear panel and sides for the device. Report also claims that the Chinese iPhone repair firm is actually a reliable supplier and has listed these parts for sale.

According to the souce:

“From what we can see, the part does follow a lot of the rumors and speculation. For instance, you can see the smaller dock connector at the bottom and it appears thinner overall. We are told the extra space on the bottom is used by Apple to enhance the speakers that will be louder and of a higher quality than the current iPhone. The supplier said the back plate is just one piece anchored by an aluminium alloy (not liquidmetal).”

Meanwhile, MacRumors has added to the story by posting more photos of the same part in white color from another iPhone repair firm uBreakiFix. The source notes:

The “iPhone” font on the shell appears to be somewhat suspicious, seemingly of a lighter stroke and/or looser spacing between the letters. But otherwise the part appears identical to the previously-posted part, which seems to carry a more typical “iPhone” typeface.

Suppliers are also claiming that the part has been seen in two other unspecified colors, although it is unclear whether those would make it to final production.

Update 1: 9to5Mac posts a couple more images of the purported iPhone 5 metal backs in both black and white. The photos once again show the smaller dock connector and the headphone jack moved to the bottom right corner:


  • is that a headphone jack on the bottom? 

  • Weebsurfer

    It does look like one, in all the shots. Don’t like that!!!

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  • xxJDxx

    I remember reading a story about apple hiring a security firm after the i4 leak. This companies job was to find who was leaking info to the media. You have to wonder if some of these ‘prototypes’ are just fakes meant to help apple find its own internal leaks. 

  • Yup

  • It would make more sense, if you take your iPhone out of your pocket and then it would be facing correct way, with the headphone jack on the bottom.

  • Dainiux

     I put my iPhone in the car cup holder, and use to to play music via the headphone jack. It would kind of suck if my iPhone would be upside down.

  • Ex

    Same here. That’s what I thought of right away.