iPod Touch & iPod Nano To Receive Design Overhaul?


This week, iLounge is reporting that the fourth generation iPod touch and new iPod nano, both set to be unveiled at Apple’s September music event, will receive a major design overhaul.

New iPod touch

Reports indicate that the iPod touch will be more flat than curved, with a flat surface and curved edges. Owners of a MacBook Pro will find this familiar at the top of their MacBook.

The back of the iPod touch is also rumored to not be modeled after the glass back of iPhone 4 and instead will likely be stainless steel or aluminum.

A front and rear-facing camera is also rumored to appear, both of which will be FaceTime ready, but it is unclear if the new iPod touch will feature a LED flash or secondary microphone, like on iPhone 4.

New iPod nano

As for the iPod nano, rumors indicate that the tiny touchscreen we saw a few weeks ago is going to be the next nano and have nothing to do with an iPod shuffle.

The tiny Apple branded touchscreen was originally thought to be the next iPod shuffle, which made sense. But to make it the next nano seems a little less plausible.

I guess we’ll find out next week!



  • I guess it’s possible that they’ll phase out the shuffle and just make it a nano touch?

  • I hope they don’t make the iPod Touch as good as the iPhone. I like to maintain the gap between an expensive luxury to a glorified music player.

  • Vazandrew

    i agree but i have both and can attest that the touch is more than just a ‘music player’. it’s become my go to mobile gaming device and is very convenient for quick net access (why waste my phone battery on that stuff when at home)

  • Ivyplays

    who cares about ipod? when are they releasing the white iphone 4s!!!!!????

  • If the new Nano is infact that tiny touch screen. they will sell like hot cakes. im normally not a very stereotypical person, But a lot of the Asian girls i know will be snatching these off the shelf. They are always showing me their latest, and greatest (smaller, and smaller) phones, and charms n such lol