Absinthe Windows Jailbreak for iPhone 4S Download Now Available


The Windows version of Absinthe has been officially released, as announced by Chronic Dev Team member @pimskeks. This will allow you to jailbreak your iPhone 4S and iPad 2 on iOS 5.0.1.

Yesterday, the iPhone Dev Team updated the command-line interface (CLI) version of Absinthe for Windows, but now the GUI version is available.

Click here to download Absinthe for Windows, and let us know how it works for you.


  • Seems to be working great! Took about 5 minutes from start to finish.  I feel like I have my phone back! THANK YOU!

  • Great news!

  • Michael Ball

    Just did my Ipad 2. As CLaw mentioned. Took about 5 minutes total. On the last step when it says “press the  jailbreak icon” you need to tab the app created on the device called Absinthe .

  • Fast-booms

    Took about 5 mins on my 32gb 4s running ios 5.1. Very easy to use, just plug the phone into your pc, open the app, hit the jailbreak, wait 4 minutes then open the absinthe app on the iphone to complete the final step. I missed sbsettings

  • Espinoza David25

    In xp it sayes a error has occurred

  • Ced

    Working great ! no problem here ! Telus iphone 4S 16GB ! Woot Woot Woot ! 5 mins and all is okay !!!

  • Fast-booms

    CAMERAROLL FIX, this is what I did, downloading swapcameraroll from cydiamay not be necessary.I downloaded the cydia app “swapcameraroll” from modmyi source, it will install an icon on your homescreen, I clicked on it several times but it did not fix the issue right away. I then did a hard reset, Held the power button and home button until the phone restarted, DO NOT SLIDE TO POWER OFF, after that my phone started back up and my pictures and videos were all back in my cameraroll.
    Good luck

  • Georjbandicoot2

    Is it worth it to jb an iphone?

  • Fast-booms

    In my opionion, for my needs, yes it worth it to jailbreak because I can now do things with my phone that apple doesn’t allow or want you to do for their own reasons some of which we’ll never know the answer to. Jailbreaking allows me to access certain features of the phone with a single click rather then several. I can modify how the phone acts and looks, almost everything in the phone is customizable after a jailbreak. If you google “benefits of a jailbreak” and “cydia apps” etc you’ll get alot of info.

  • Justin

    I jailbroke just fine everything else seems to be working except some songs from my library. I lost the ability to play a whole playlist. Anybody have the same problem? Perhaps shed some light?

  • Meena0202

    One of the easiest jailbreak (Beside Just quick question can I unlock my bell iPhone 4 s yet??

  • Georjbandicoot2


  • Starklet

    Worked but deleted everything from my iPhone. Don’t know how to get it back, it’s in iCloud. Not sure what to do…

  • Sign into iCloud on your iPhone. Or restore in iTunes, then choose iCloud as your option to restore from.

  • BendingRobot

    Dream Team nice job!!  Hard to live without jailbreak.

  • Amandaa

    I downloaded the Absinthe for windows program, ran it like i was supposed to and gota URL error?

  • Imsboss

    that was it?!?! wow fast easy and functonal!

  • Renata

    when i openned the absinthe it says “Sorry the attached device is not supported” 
    what does this mean and what can i do.