Add Real Smileys To iPhone’s Native Messages App With ‘SMSmileys’ Cydia Tweak [Free]


A brand new jailbreak tweak has just hit the Cydia store called SMSmileys. This simple tweak brings real smileys to the native and is available as a free download. Once you install the tweak on your jailbroken iPhone, your text smileys like  :’) or <3 etc. will be automatically converted into more fun and colorful emoji version smileys.

With SMSmileys installed, you won’t have to pull up the emoji keyboard each time and tap a smiley icon to insert into your SMS. It’s simple, but quite handy!

You can install SMSmileys from Cydia via the Bigboss repo.


  • Eric

    You can do this without jail breaking!

    Just create shortcuts in the shortcut setting with 🙂 = emoticon that smiles

    Works great and NO JAIL break required! 

  • Rizulli

    Or add the emoji keyboard in settings.

  • it won’t do it, it will say, “can not add emoji in short cut” and he said this will do it automatically without using the keyboard

  • Anonymous

    I did it and it worked no problem ????