Auxo: iOS App Switcher Concept Comes to Life [Update]


Back in early October, user @Sentry_NC from The Verge forums came up with this unique app switcher concept. It made iOS app switching look much better than it does now in iOS 6. Now, that app switching concept has come into real life and will soon be released in Cydia. Called Auxo, the finished product was created alongside Jack Willis and JamieD360; I think it looks incredible. Check out the following preview via Jeff from iDownloadBlog:

Auxo will soon launch in Cydia as a paid tweak and will initially be available for iOS 6. Now this is something Apple should look into implementing for iOS 7.

Update: Auxo is now available in Cydia for $1.99.


  • kmlmzhr

    This is really awesome dude. The very first tweak I’m gonna install when the jailbreak for iPhone 5 is out. It’s like sbsettings, killbackground and app switcher all combined together except that this is way more neat. Hopefully the price will be reasonable

  • Yeah it’s really well done, they definitely didn’t cut corners to make this!

  • I haven’t jailbroken my iPhone since iOS 3…this (and only this) will make me do it.

  • Patrick

    Definitely a great tweak, but have to disagree with the sentiment that this is the way Apple would do it. Way, way too many options in this function for it to be Apple-esque.

  • how much is it?

  • invalidx

    once I can jailbreak my 5, I’ll be doing it for this and f.lux.

  • Perfection

  • jb

    and yet the untethered 6.0-6.0.1 is still unreleased … correct me if i’m wrong

  • iGuy

    So funny how all of these Cydia tweaks (many of which you have to buy) just emulate the functionality of features found in the Android OS. When will people learn.

    -Long time iPhone and Android user

  • Sentry

    Funny thing is I have never used Android or even know how its multitasking looks, when I designed this. Sorry.

  • Sentry

    Thanks! We think 1.99 was reasonable. 😀

  • iGuy

    Crazy coincidence. The end product looks very nice, well done. Too bad you rogue developers who break free from the constraints of Apples restrictive OS don’t offer these tweaks for free like every other person who hacks/tweaks different OS’s and platforms since the beginning of time. The jailbreak community is so two faced.

  • Sentry

    “offer these tweaks for free like very other person” Shows you how much you know.. The best tweaks out there (Zephyr, CallBar, etc) are paid tweaks. Why? Because it takes time and effort to come up with them. Auxo took us months, for example.

    “jailbreak community is so two faced”, is a loaded statement. I think you are confusing jailbreaking for app piracy. They’re not one in the same.

  • try to not be a douche next time.