Chronic Dev-Team Demos Untethered Jailbreak For iOS 4.2.1


Pod2g notes that a small bug remains where the wifi icon doesn’t show up. Once fixed they will package the untether for release. Here’s a video demo below, released via twitter:

An ‘untethered’ iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak is what the world has been waiting for. It would be wise to release this after iOS 4.3 is out. What do you think?


  • Addyseth

    Y after… They shud do it asap…

  • Anonymous

    Well 4.2.1 isn’t very interesting…. 4.3 would make sense since the features are worth an update for many like myself.

  • noobb

    because if you release it now, Apple can fix the vulnerable part of their OS so the JAILBREAKers will have to spend so much more effort to find another way to jailbreak 4.3

  • Tomsiphone

    If they release it now, Apple will do an autopsy on the JB and fix the exploit BEFORE they release 4.3 to the public. Obviously, this would be a bad thing.

    ABSOLUTELY…wait until 4.3 is out and then release it. It only makes sense!

  • Cshupe2

    I tried the jailbreak didn’t work

  • Wuju007

    ya, wait. like the hotspot on 4.3 and would like to have it jailbreak when it comes out.

  • I don’t really care because my iPhone is not jailbroken and I don’t plan to do it anytime soon…

    But I pretty sure that apple will find a way to close this hole before 4.3 is released… So for me there no reason to wait…

    This waiting game reminds me of those people who always wait to buy a new computer because something better will be coming out in a few weeks/months…
    Why wait… Do it now!!

  • They can’t patch what they don’t know about. These exploits would already be closed if Apple knew they existed to be exploited.

    Devteam, please WAIT until 4.3 is out…it’s so close.

  • Some beta version of the jailbreak are already available…
    Do you really think that Apple isn’t working on a “fix” to block this jailbreak?

  • Kerry

    Really, who cares at this point? 4.3 is out and we’ve all been party to videos and tweets and rumors. Face it, Apple outsmarted you and this news of untethered jailbreak that still has bugs and still hasn’t been released to the public shows it.

    Give it up, work on 4.3.

  • S3c0nd4ry

    Definitely wait.

    A lot have people have been waiting for this, the tethered jailbreak scares many. Tomsiphone is totally right, if its released now, Apple will have a patch for it in no time at all. They are so against people jail breaking that they are formally trying to get it to be illegal for a second try.

    And IF that were to happen, the release of 4.3 will be prolonged even further affecting people who aren’t even interested in jail breaking. A lot of people are waiting for personal hot-spots native to the phone.

    Please DevTeam, save yourself some work and make us wait until 4.3 is released. No point in you guys slaving away only to have a new iOS ver released the second apple finds a fix.

  • I would say wait, but they also have access to 4.3 beta, so maybe they know something we don’t. Meaning that maybe the exploit they are using is closed already in the beta. The main exploit is always going to be there, these are different exploits for ease of jailbreak.

  • Anonymous

    Ummm correct me if I’m wrong but if Apple releases the 4.3 and then Chronic Dev Team releases this…how will it work if it’s 4.2.1 but the latest firmware is 4.3 and assuming people have held off updating to 4.2.1 but want 4.3 because of all the rumoured “goodies”? Or should one update now to 4.2.1 and then use this exploit once it’s released….but after 4.3 is released so Apple can’t close the exploit? Wait a minute……….I think I answered my own question lol!

  • AnonymousGuy

    Nope, they might as well finally release it.

    What you guys don’t realize is that Apple already has access to DevTeam’s public beta releases of the un-tether JB, not to mention it’s an exploit that requires a hardware change to completely wipe out. There are also many other exploits at DevTeams disposal, it doesn’t really matter.

  • iPhoney

    YES, FINALLY! Unleash the Jailbreak upon us NOW!

  • KnightFire

    NO do not give up on 4.2.1, many of us still have iPhone 3G and this appears to be the last ofw for us!

  • KnightFire

    Then why post anything at all – troll.

  • KnightFire


  • What’s your point calling me a troll?
    If you don’t like my opinion, just ignore it.

    I was just answering the question…

  • Anonymous

    I’ll just wait for them to jb 4.3. I’m on 4.1 now and there isn’t any real good reason to upgrade my firmware right now anyways.

  • Anonymous

    How if it hasn’t been released yet? TROLL!

  • bekk45

    where are the moderators on this site? we dont need people like knight fire on here just trying to pick on people for no reason

  • The below tweet may be the same exploit that chronic uses. if so they are covered, and Apple has seen this exploit before , so nothing lost.

    MuscleNerd: Think of Monte as a “green” jailbreak. It recycles (for example) 4.1’s exact JB exploit on 4.2.1 πŸ™‚ Waste no exploits.

  • Tomsiphone

    Well, if they’ve had access to the other beta JB’s since iOS3x, they’ve done a pretty poor job of patching them before they released the software πŸ™‚

    It’s a cat and mouse game. Todays exploit is tomorrows patch. The Dev Team just has to try and stay ahead of the Apple Dev Team. So why show your cards before you have to?

  • AnonymousGuy

    Of course, that’s because JB’s are released AFTER the firmware is release. Apple patches it in the NEXT release. Jailbreakers are ALWAYS a few steps ahead.

    As soon as the beta goes public, the cards are on the table. The actual exploit is in the beta release. It’s not like they are with holding it until the final release LOL.