Cydia Updated to Version 1.1.6


It’s not too often that you see Saurik on Twitter, so when he is, you pay attention. Saurik is the creator of Cydia, the widely popular 3rd party installer for iOS. Saurik (Jay Freeman in the real world) has been one of the largest contributors to the jailbreak scene, creating this platform for many other developers to hock their wares.

Today, Saurik posted on Twitter that he has updated Cydia to version 1.1.6. Apparently, there was some left over code in the previous version, from last year’s April Fools joke, when he added a “dickbar”, copying Twitter’s ridiculous idea.

To upgrade to the latest version of Cydia, simply open the Cydia app on your iDevice and you’ll be prompted to do an essential upgrade. In these cases I usually tap “Complete Upgrade” to get everything new, all at once. When it’s finished upgrading, you’ll be prompted to close Cydia. Re-open Cydia, and you’ll have Cydia 1.1.6.

There are no “new” features in this update, but could this be an update to bring a new April Fools joke for 2012? Or possibly a sign that we are getting closer to a new jailbreak? Probably not. 😉


  • applebottomjeans

    if your waiting for a jailbreak for the new iPad
    you can get paid apps for free in the mean time by redeeming credits,
    check it out from your iOS

    or bit[dot]ly[dot]freemyapps1

  • “free apps” is not the reason to jailbreak any iDevice. Most apps are less than a dollar.

  • Greed

    less than a dollar, they’re 99cents which is basically a dollar

    and iPad apps are more than double. Like $5

  • bradg17

    I agree! tweaking my phone, sbsettings, bitesms, and themes are why I jailbreak

  • Luqmanabdallah

    i actually liked the idea of the timeline in cydia

  • Nick

    Agreed. Plus updating apps seems to be a pain if they’re from installous or a similar source anyway and it’s a lot more of a hassle to get them. I used to install a couple app that way here and there just to try them out but it was never worth the hassle

  • TheZ0diac

    Anyone else getting “SIM Failure” since upgrading to Cydia 1.1.6???

  • Guys, Cydia 1.1.6 on my iPhone 4 iOS 5.1.1 suffers a lot of bugs. The most important is that it’s too slow and does not load ANY package, app or tweak. ow to fix this issue