Download Sara, A Fully Functional Free Siri Alternative For All iOS Devices [Including iPhone 2G/3G / iPod 3G]


A new tweak named Sara has just been pushed to Cydia [via Appadvice] which promises to be a fully functional Siri alternative for all iOS devices including the original iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPod 3G. Best of all, Sara has the same UI as the Siri (see screenshots below). With Sara, users can do many thing such as make phone calls, send messages, search for places everywhere (not just U.S and Canada), chat with other users and much more. Many of Sara’s features can work even without an internet connection.

According to the developers of Sara:

Sara has “open” brain, it means, every people can train her, teach her new knowledge. Also, Sara has built-in plugin system, so anyuser can write plugin for Sara within 30 mins (for peole doesn’t know about programming !).

Below is a list of Sara’s capabilities:

– Find local business & direction (everywhere, not only US and Canada)
– Search for song from
– Call, message
– View the movie schedule from nearest cinema
– Read newspaper (via RSS)
– Check mail
– Remote control PC
– Search videos from youtube, search google, wikipedia
– Toggle on/off system functional (wifi, bluetooth, 3G, ..)
– Translate, support > 37 languages
– Read barcode, qr code then find price, local business sell this
– OCR feature (Image to text), you can use Sara instead of scanner
– Social network support, user can take a photo then send to their facebook, twitter
– Search product price, local business
– Open apps
– Weather
– Answer any questions, you will be surprise with Sara’s knowlede: Ask for Barrack Obama years old, Distance from Earth to Moon

To install Sara 0.3 (latest build), add the following repo to your Cydia sources.

Simply install the version matching your iOS device. There’s also a Console app to let users send any crash reports to the developer.


  • Kangjagir

    Repo doesnt work sir

  • Takes forever to download. Keeps timimg out on me. Excited to try this, though.

  • Kally9339

    anyone installed this?  Is it working as it says?  I really don’t want to install and then have to restore and re-jailbreak – it’s a royal pain to do this all over.


  • I am still downloading it on my iPod Touch 4G. It’s taking a long time. Guessing there’s a lot of data.

  • Nick

    Do you have to speak to it in broken English?

  • Kally9339

     Can you let me know how it goes?  Thanks.

  • st

    The repo source exists but.. the Sara (iPhone 3GS/4, iPod 3/4, iPad 1/2) package can’t be found when trying to install (i.e., HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found). Only libdisplaystack is found.

  • Samuel

    Installed on iPhone 4. Function works and detects my speech but it doesn’t act on it.

    “What is the time?” results in “Sara, what are you doing?” etc.
    “Where is the closest McDonalds” results in “Okay”

  • Derekmazur4469

    I have the same problem you are. Doesn’t send messages or call. I ask it to turn on/off bt and it responds why would I do that.

  • Got it working on my iPod Touch. You can tell it’s still in beta, but a good start.

  • Mike K.

    Sux, download hangs at SBSettings:( (SBSettings is done) but, nothing more:(

  • Anonymous

    “Find local business & direction (everywhere, not only US and Canada)”
    Since when has Siri’s local search and directions worked in Canada??

  • Chris

    Installed it, works ok. Seems more like a toy then an actual useful tool

  • Derek

    Don’t waste your time been playing with this for a couple of hours now and it really is just a toy that at most times doesn’t work. Quite dissatisfied with Sara.

  • Aaron

    Having major difficulties getting this to do anything.  Even simple tasks like turning on bluetooth are hit or miss.


    “Where is a bank?”  –>  “Europe”
    “Where is the closest Tim Hortons?”  –>  “In the house Ben is in?  I don’t know”
    “What time is it”  asked 3 times in a row  –>  got 1:11pm, 4:02pm, 7:58pm.  All asked seconds apart
     “Search Spiderman 4 on youtube”  (just like the example above)  –>  “You search your feelings”
    “What is the temperature”  –>  32 degrees C (I’m in Toronto)
    “Directions to McDonalds”  –> “I’m not trying to”

  • Jdutch101

    Anyone know where the server for this one is? Who is getting the data, and decoding the speech packets? Also curious if it requires an uninstall of Spire… or can I just turn it off? Not keen on sending info to a random server… Especially if it doesn’t work that well…

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Any developer who can’t even take the time to use spell check or use proper grammer/tense, well, I’ll let that statement speak for itself as per implementation  lol.

  • iGuy

    I wish the publishers for this blog would do some research for once instead of just reposting stuff they find on the net. Thanks for wasting everyone’s time! Quality here has degraded over the last year.

  • Edge

    I know people think we’re ragging when we comment like this, but the site has changed from being a helpful tool with real news, to posting whatever will get the most hits for advertising revenue. Money wins over integrity (a business model some like, but generally one proven to fail in the long run). Unfortunately USMAN is especially bad for this, but he ultimately represents the entire site. It’s a shame Gary has chosen this route really…

  • Andrew

    Takes a long time to download. For some reason went faster on 3G than Wifi… But anyways it’s good, remember its not really even a beta yet. Not completely polished as it fails to answer some questions. Overall good, and it’ll get even better

  • JamesDean

    I think you’re wrong. I have enjoyed this site for years, it’s still great. What stories would you post that are relevant? If you don’t like the site don’t read it! DUH!

  • JamesDean

    This isn’t the last time I’ve read a retarded comment from you. You like to pounce when you see an article you don’t like, but when there’s a helpful one you’re conveniently MISSING. Strange. You’re a leech.

    Who the Fk cares how the site should be run its not yours. If you’re so righteous go start your own shit with that hottie iGuy. Your life is a shame!

  • Accordxtc

    Hangs on Sbsettings and cannot uninstall console once it’s been installed. Thanks iphoneincanada I love restoring my phone : )

  • Saurab Samanta

    Server is Overloaded, I guess! 🙁

  • Fdunlop

    I used this repo for version 0.2, I dont think 0.3 is released yet….

  • guest

    For everyone having trouble with red errors. 

    Reload cydia. 
    If that doesn’t work, kill process, restart and wait for it to load everything completely. 
    If that still doesn’t work respring and try again. 
    It worked for me after cydia restart. 

  • iGuy

    Oh is that what I’m supposed to do?Thanks tips. Your idea of suffering in silence isn’t the way to bring about change.

  • Zimage8

    This is at least the 3rd program that has been touted as a Siri alternative. That even some of the features can be achieved is great, but I doubt any program could work as well as Siri right now. I use Siri, and I’m still frankly underwhelmed many times when it doesn’t catch what I’m saying, or surprised at some of the functions it can’t do.  Apple bought the company that created Siri, which already had been working on it for years; this includes technology from DARPA, with backing from major players. I respect the talent and determination of the programmers, but does anyone really think a comparable program can be created at this time? Even if one catches up, Siri has a major head start. 

  • Jimmmy1982

    Tell me about it. It’s not just this site seems like the “intelligent” people of the programming side need to have real face to face conversations with people instead of there computer half the info that gets posted might be understood better if it made sence more. But thanks for taking the time to actually give us the info we look for would be better if something I don’t already no was added

  • Jimmmy1982

    Uninstall any other installations of siri alternative apps as some files in Sara may be the same in the other apps and cause cydia to think its already installed. I had same problems until I deleted them then it installed perfect. Hope that helps anyone

  • Adfadfa

    You are complaining about mistakes and you write “grammer” lol

  • Duane Dewsbury

    The web provides something for everyone.  Would you like us to change that, so that it only provides something for you?

  • Mhuziks05

    i already have sara and it works fine, but when i upgrade it to 0.2.2 build 1. it crashes.. i have an iphone 2g.. what will i do? pls help

  • Dkroach96

    I have the same problem

  • Elmo.zyx

    I downloaded sara o.3 on my ipod touch 4g version 5.1.1 and the app was all white amd didnt work so i unistalled it and then i tried to use cydia and it crashed and so did youtube and safari please help!

  • Elmo.zyx

    I just tried the rest f the apps and nothing on my ipod works please help!!!!

  • Emeryp14

    Elmo.zyx this only works for devices that cant run siri.  your device 4th gen can.

  • Iphone3g

    i installed sara on my iphone 3g(ios – 4.1)…. But when i say anything into it it replies only with “…” and when i type something using keyboard…it crashes. Please help me i really love this app.

  • paulantaal

    url is not working… 🙁

  • alex

    i downloaded it but it doesn’t work! it keeps saying “saralocation” something????

  • ????????????????????????????????????????

    What if u didnt JB ?

  • ninja28

    when i install it just has a white icon and is labelled Sara Location Notifier then I tap and it goes black then just goes back to home screen.

  • Jesse

    I have the same problem plz help

  • Thehelper

    Guys if it dont work and ur cydia wont let ya download anything delete the package

  • Freddy

    When I dl Sara from repo it says I need Sara 0.3 and Sara 0.3 needs some nobita.zzz tools thing can ny1 help me I am on iPod touch 2g mc 4.2.1

  • DJ TheHero

    Yeah same here

  • This repo is fucked up

  • Nye Sain

    This app needs iOS 5 or higher version. And please tell me if whited00r 6 have sara for iPhone 3g.

  • zoruaboy

    my cydia source doesn’t look lke that it says sara SDK 0.1 or 0.2 build 32 or something

  • Lol


  • afro_logan

    Then you can’t get it.

  • afro_logan

    My problem exactly as well.

  • afro_logan

    Everyone, if the package doesn’t work for your iDevice, Just uninstall it. The developer(s) need to upgrade their packages to iOS 5.

  • potato

    me too

  • killer

    Works great Sara 0.3 wouldn’t do any thing and just showed a white Icon on my ipod touch 4g Jo’s 6.1.2 untethered jailbreak. So I installed 0.2 works better than all the others

  • csnotes

    I had problems at first – had to try a few times. For my iPhone 4 ver 6.1.2, I could not load Sara 0.3 – I had to first load 0.2.2 build 35. Then it automatically loaded 0.3. Then the mic icon shows up. There are some weird actions, though – when I look at the installed app through the repo, it starts loading a ton of ads and web site.

    Otherwise, app seems to work OK – I’m still learning what it can do.