H1Siri Brings Siri to the iPhone 4 and iPod touch via Cydia


People will do anything to get Siri onto non-iPhone 4S devices, and we saw that with the tweak Siri0us (which was ultimately removed). This time around, H1Siri has emerged by a group of hackers in China called the CD-Dev Team. This hack brings full-fledged Siri to your iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4th generation on iOS 5.0 or 5.0.1.

The hack, available on a custom repo in Cydia has been deemed illegal and potentially dangerous if installed, as noted by @chpwn. The copyrighted binaries involved are taken from the iPhone 4S, plus all your personal data from email, SMS, Calendar, Contacts, etc will be exposed to third party servers.

iDB posts a hands-on video of the hack, via the custom Cydia repo:

We do not encourage piracy or breaking of any copyright laws. This story is an example of what people will do to get Siri on their iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4th gen, at any cost.


  • Anonymous

    I would not download this if I were you.

  • Tommy

    All your personal info will go to a server in China and this also uses Apple copyrighted codes.

    Yeah no thanks. lol

  • for all we know siri will be out for the 4 later anyway, it is still in beta

  • Public Relations Student

    Best solution, get an android.  The Siri technology that apple has been marketing has been on other smartphones for quite some time.  But I guess that’s what makes apple such an amazing company.  Convince people that apple has “revolutionized” every piece of technology, even though it likely existed on something else previously.  

  • Anonymous

    no it hasn’t…..IRIS was created in 8 hours, which was AFTER SIRI was released…..

  • Kraken

    Why would anyone download this if it doesn’t even work? 

  • Lolol

    Siri originally was a company working on this software. There used to be an Iphone app called ‘Siri’. But apple bought the software.

  • Anonymous

    That has nothing to do with my response. I was responding to the comment suggesting we get an Android because the technology existed on other smartphones before Apple released Siri….androids answer to Siri (Iris) came out AFTER Siri was released.