iOSOpenDev: A New Utility With Xcode Templates For Easily Creating iOS Jailbreak Tweaks [VIDEO]


A new utility called iOSOpenDev is going to introduce an open source platform for iOS developers containing Xcode templates for creating new Cydia tweaks with little programming knowledge. The iOSOpenDev project will allow users to build common types of jailbreak tweaks, including Activator listeners, command line tools, dynamic libraries, Notification Center widgets, SBSettings toggles, and Mobile Substrate tweaks. It will even build .deb files of the completed projects for when a developer wants to submit to Cydia for publication.

iOSOpenDev utility should be available as a free download soon but we don’t have an ETA yet. You can also follow its development on Twitter by following @iOSOpenDev.

Meanwhile, take a look at the following demo video of iOSOpenDev:


  • aj

    Mac only???

  • Adriano

    Obviously! Xcode is the same it would be hard building anything on a system based on a different platform other than Mac or iOS. This utility is far past due! Apple should consider teaming up with the dev team and signing these packages to make tweaks available to the public via the AppStore. It would be a win win. The only reason I Jailbreak my device is specifically for the tweaks, believe it or not I discourage everyone with a pwnd device to purchase all their apps. I download all my apps from the app store. But I cannot live without BBSettings (not SBSettings, check it out) or enhanced mail.

    The only problem with cydia is I purchased packages I cannot even use because they have not been “tested” on iOS 5. 🙁