Jailbreak App ‘Display Recorder’ Updated with Audio Recording


As a blogger and app reviewer, I’m always looking for the best way to feature and show the things I’m writing about. Sure, you can get an affordable point-and-shoot that shoots pretty decent HD video, but the best way would be to actual record the display itself, like a screen cast. You could use the Apple adaptor to export to an external display, and some how record from there, but wouldn’t it be great to just record right on your device? If your device is jailbroken, you can!

Display Recorder came out a while back, from Canadian iOS developer Ryan Petrich, and has gotten better and better. It allows you to record whatever is going on, on your screen, in .AVI or .MOV formats. Then you can upload the videos right to YouTube, or use the built in web server to transfer the videos to your computer. If you record in .MOV you can save the videos right to your camera roll. A recent update even allows you to record audio, via the external mic.


  • Records direct to H.264 or MJPG/AVI
  • App & web site to manage recordings
  • Optionally records mic audio
  • On-device YouTube uploading
  • Adjustable framerate & quality settings
  • Hardware accelerated video encoding
  • Activator integration for quick access
  • Remote control via web interface

DisplayRecorder does not record system audio. This is not possible on current generation devices. It will record mic audio if the “H.264 + Mic” video format is selected in Settings.

Display Recorder is available in Cydia for $4.99, and works on iPhone, iPod, and iPad. It is a must have for any blogger, app reviewer, or developer, that needs to show how an app really looks on an iDevice.


  • Jay Storm

    Hey there, I have been using this for a few days now. My only problem is the audio is still out of sync I once I drop the finished file into Sony Vegas or Camtasia Studio. Sure, I could sync it back up, but it’s a pain and I edit alot of videos so I don’t have much time to mess with that. I mean until this is fixed some how, I will still do it the old way by recording my voice sep at the same as DisplayRecorder is running with another app. Unless maybe I am doing something wrong? The raw file is fine, but I still need to add my intro, effects, and so on, so can’t just upload the raw file. It goes out of sync as soon as I drop it into editing software. Weird.

  • Riggs

    When I try saving videos to my camera roll from display recorder it says save failed. Can someone tell me how to fix this problem. 😀

  • Joseph Benevides

    I think this is a potentially great product. However, the app suffers from a single glaring weakness. I have a couple of associates that use their iPads as much as I do. We are engaged via FaceTime on a daily basis. Display Rcorder seemed to be the perfect app to record those ‘interviews’ and use them as video podcasts.

    Unfortunately, the app will not record the mic audio. Either that, or I am doing something wrong. As a result, all one gets is a high quality ‘silent movie.’ I’ve emailed Ryan Petrich about this issue. No reply yet.

    It seems to me that acoustic feedback can’t possibly be the reason. Clearly, recording system audio would be the ideal solution. Ant guidance would be greatly appreciated. This app is one step away from being a ‘killer’ app.

    Thanks in advance.
    Joseph Benevides