Lima: The New Browser-Based Installer from the Makers of Icy


The makers of Icy have a new project in the mix. It’s called Lima/fr0st, and will allow the installation of jailbreak apps/tweaks via Mobile Safari. The problem with Cydia is that it’s slow, and always ‘Reloading Data’ (even though it was sped up recently).

Lima plans to bypass Cydia and take full advantage of Mobile Safari. How will it work? First, users will have to jailbreak their devices, then visit the Lima website in Mobile Safari to install packages. That’s it. Here’s a demo:

Right now, the Infini-Dev team reports there will be a backup system, and a way to remove packages too. The ability to add custom repositories will also be supported. They are still figuring out how to add sources, but will most likely create a login system for users to do this.

Cydia may be sluggish, but the key is it’s decentralized, unlike Lima. It’ll be interesting to see how Lima plays out, and it’s great to see the Infini-Dev team working hard on their new project.

Previous alternatives to Cydia such as Icy and Rock have come and gone (Icy is still in development; Rock was bought out by Saurik), but Cydia remains the stable choice for jailbreakers.

Are you interested in an alternative to Cydia? Or are you okay with seeing “Reloading Data” all the time?

[Infini-Dev Blog via iDB]


  • Anonymous

    Yea I have to agree re: reloading data….tired of that crap. Plus if Saurik spent all his time on creating Cydia you’d think he’d work on a UI overhaul, that was why I preferred Rock….it was a bit of eye candy as well as (at the time) quicker downloading apps/tweaks. Not sure why he abandoned Rock in favour of Cydia after he aquired Rock. Imho it was the more streamlined of the two (must be an ego thing).

  • Anonymous

    Yep, Rock was much faster. But apparently it was because it skipped a couple steps. But i had no problem with it.

  • Hammy

    Ah… web-based updates… the hacker’s tool of choice for pwning your OS.

    Good luck keeping the malware out with this one, my friends!

  • Anonymous

    i hated rock.fact is while this web based UI is cool, instead of “reloading data” and waiting 10 seconds in Cydia, here you wait 1-2 seconds while safari loads each page. it essentially adds up to the same once you’ve gone through the menus.

  • Wuju

    would not want to download via a browser, too risky on malware stuff.