Over 1,000,000 iDevices Jailbroken With Absinthe


Earlier tonight the Chronic Dev-Team announced that 1,000,000 iDevices have been jailbroken with Absinthe.

Some stats since release of #Absinthe – 211,401 jailbroken iPad3’s and 973,086 devices newly jailbroken! #JBFTW ! ;D

Absinthe was released earlier this week and then recently updated with support for all iOS 5.1.1 builds.

For an Absinthe jailbreaking tutorial, click here.

The growth of jailbreaking has been phenomenal, but that growth is completely due to the work of amazing teams such as the Chronic Dev Team and their software. Thanks guys!

[via @chronicdevteam]


  • [nitpicking]973,086 is not “over 1,000,000″…[/nitpicking] =D
    Although, by now, that number has probably been passed by a good margin.

  • Oh, and before anyone says “duh, they said 211,401 jailbroken iPad3?s *and* 973,086 devices, which is clearly over 1,000,000”, I’ll say “learn Set Theory”. The iPad3 is a “device” in this (or any other) context, so the 211,401 jailbroken iPad3s are (or should be, if they aren’t) included in the 973,086 devices mentioned.

    Also, I was just being cheeky. Don’t get your knickers in a twist over a harmless joke, geez. 😛