Rotate Your iOS Homescreen Icons With ‘IconRotator’ Cydia Tweak [Free]


Ryan Petrich has pushed an all new jailbreak tweak to Cydia called IconRotator. As the name implies, the tweak makes your icons rotate but in a pretty cool and smooth manner. Once you download and install this tweak, your iOS homescreen icons will rotate with your device. So when you rotate your iPhone to landscape, the icons will also rotate into that direction giving your springboard the look of a native landscape mode. The tweak is currently in beta and is available via Ryan Petrich’s personal repo.

You can try out IconRotator by adding the following repo to your sources in Cydia:

Watch IconRotator in action in the short YouTube video below:


  • Lolwut

    It rotates the icons, but not the status bar at the top.  Fail!

  • Anonymous

    Wow…  Can you repeat after me the name of the tweak?
    Got that?  Does it do exactly what it is designed to do?
    Then who is the fail?

  • It actually works pretty well.  

  • Anonymous

    Does it have an option to lock the icons in landscape?

  • Wow

    Ur an idiot