SBSettings Updated to V3.3.1: Brings New Features and Bug Fixes


SBSettings, the quintessential tweak that’s a must-have for any jailbroken iPhone user, has just received a substantial v3.3 update thanks to BigBoss.

What is SBSettings? It’s the fastest way to toggle settings on your iPhone. Slide your finger along the top of your iPhone, and you’ll quickly be able to toggle WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, change brightness, and more. It’s an incredible app, and I hope Apple creates some sort of faster way to change settings in future versions of iOS.

Here’s what’s new:


  • Fix: statusbar date on 4.2.1 or newer devices.


  • Fix: Updated fix blanks button to hopefully not crash when more than one blank exists
  • Fix: Hopefully fixed the more app crashing when one of the ads cannot load.
  • Fix: When moving toggles order, added back the “save” button so user knows to press “save” to save changes.
  • Fix: Lock screen buttons when you hit the power button on the lock screen. Removed lock and the title so it fits.
  • Fix: Internal window ordering in main drop down window to help compatibility issue with folder enhancer.
  • New: Added option to more app, system options, to delete the carrier name to give more space to statusbar for things like date and free memory.
  • New: Included Max’s Serious SBSettings HD theme that adds a retina icons display theme to default sbsettings. Thanks to Max at for this great theme!
  • New: Added retina icons for the more app for retina displays. Thanks to 42395_skyline for these icons!
  • New: Added support for springboard key that was used by makeitmine app. This means that installing SBSettings should actually fix makeitmine. (I did this because it’s needed for the delete carrier name option).
  • Toggles: Removed phone toggle from default. It doesn’t work on 4.2.1 and newer devices. Use airplane instead. (Phone toggle is now installable via separate package in cydia for older devices).

BigBoss reminds users to NOT email him if you encounter bugs, as it might not be related to SBSettings. To solve your problems, try rebooting, respringing, or uninstalling SBSettings itself.

As you can note from the screenshots, Erica Sadun’s Makeitmine now works on my iPhone 4!

This update is now available via Cydia. Let me know how it works for you.



  • Reianz

    How did you get MakeitMine to work? Doesn’t work for me even after SB settings update…

  • The weird thing is Makeitmine isn’t even installed it just appeared.

  • Okay, so Makeitmine still works after the SBSettings update. I installed
    Makeitmine, and was able to change my carrier name.

  • Reianz

    I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean…

  • Wuju

    Anyone knows if there’s a way to add a toggle on/off for the “Hopspot” as part of the list in the “Set Toggles” within SbSettings? Thanks.

  • Pavelv

    Delete the carrier name does not work on my 3GS, 4.21

  • Andrew

    For people looking for make it mine to work I couldn’t so I’m using fakeoperator once installed goto settings to find it and get changing

  • roadcarver

    Delete carrier name confirmed to work on the iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.1.

  • Anonymous

    MakeItMine works perfectly now! All i did was update sbsettings and re downloaded it. Make sure to respring after changing the carrier name.

  • Woody

    After updating I cant change the carrier name to an image like I did before the update. I use to have the Batman logo instead of Rogers and now it doesnt work anymore. Instead of using make it mine just install Clean Status and you can do the same thing for changing the carrier name and you dont have to respring for it to work.

  • Anonymous

    My cydia is not updating. I just get an error!

  • Nick

    Not sure if this relates to SB Settings or not, probably the new OS (not the newest that is tethered only so far but the newest untethered) but I think I’ve found a couple of bugs:
    -airplane mode doesn’t work
    -turning off notifications doesn’t turn then off

    Yesterday as I was returning to Canada from the US I turned on airplane mode using sbsettings. As I was waiting to cross the border I put in my Canadian sim, and while still in airplane mode with the icon on I started receiving text messages and viber alerts. So although it said it was in airplane mode it was actually connected to Rogers.

    I also had notifications turned off so I could do a ustream broadcast without interruption, and I still got a viber alert that caused the phone to go to sleep.

    Anyone else have this? Anyone find a solution?

  • Anonymous

    Been waiting awhile for an update