Tawkon App Denied by Jobs, Moves to Cydia


The folks at Tawkon had developed an app that determines SAR levels from phones, and had been in discussions with Apple executives about the app, only to have it denied by Steve Jobs. The response was short, typical of a “Steve-mail”:

No interest.

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Hey, when the CEO of Apple tells you ‘no’, it doesn’t look like you’ll be entering the App Store. So the Tawkon team has put their app in Cydia available for all.

Here’s a great video review of the app from JailbreakMovies:

You can check more over at the Tawkon blog. Tawkon is free in Cydia. Let me know what you think of it!


  • Arif

    being someone who is graduating with a nuclear engineering degree, this app is completely bogus, in-order to determine levels of radiation, you need sophisticated monitoring equipment/detectors which the iPhone does not have. The “make a call” is basically telling you the average dose based on call duration (Which you can Google). With what’s going on in Japan, people jump on opportunities like this and make apps like these. This is probably why Apple Rejected this app, because it is presenting falsified info for the user!

    Hope that clears things up.

  • Kenneth Bokor

    Useless and fake.

  • Nothx

    Terrible review too – unless the purpose was to demonstrate that the app has a non intuitive UI.

  • User78

    I think this was a great article – as it informs people that this app is question at the very best. Stil, some may get fooled and give money to these guys.

  • Dee

    Maybe you could go into more detail of what the app does. I have no idea what SAR levels are PR why I should care.

  • Edge

    Hmm, at first you read this article, especially the title, and think, “ah, dirty Apple, keeping good apps from the app store yet again” (which is probably what the author wanted because got headlines create traffic which creates revenue…). At any rate, it was good and responsible for Apple to reject this app. I wouldn’t want to see Cydia reject apps, but I would like to see a rating system (Airsync for example, a paid app, which is horrible – but why should Saurik care, he earns a cut of the money…).

  • Laserheart

    Ya, I’m really sure Steve Jobs himself is approving and disapproving apps now! Is he the only Apple employee?

    If you guys actually believe this, I’d be really surprised.

    There’s also no reason Apple would reject this app, other than the fact that it’s lying to people… hmmm… maybe that’s why it got rejected?

    Maybe the app should come up with a message like “You dork, using your iPhone to make a call exposes you to small amounts of radiation. ”

    This has nothing at all to do with nuclear radiation whatsoever.

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