The iTweak Store Coming Soon to Rival Cydia


There is a new web based store on the way for jailbroken iDevices. It is called iTweak. It is being described as an alternative to Cydia, featuring themes and utilities for your jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. They also hint that there will be a Mac and PC client to visit the store, but no details given on how that will all work.


So, my question is: do we need an alternative to Cydia? We here at have been huge supporters of Cydia and the jailbreak community. Personally, I have never thought to myself, “Man, I wish I had somewhere else to get all this cool stuff.”. It wasn’t too long ago that we saw RockYouriPhone fall, and merge with Cydia. I look forward to seeing what they have to offer, but I’m skeptical that it can stand up to Cydia, seeing as Cydia has been around for so long, and has a strong following.

There is no release date announced for this new store, but you can keep checking, to see when they go live, or you can follow the developers on Twitter here: @roktheworld27 and @mtamermahoney




  • Anonymous

    I would love a Cydia alternative. saurik still refuses to fix major problems and has been letting it stagnate as of late. I appreciate his contribution to the community, but that doesn’t magically make Cydia’s problems go away.

    The two that drive me the most insane are the fact that even now in 2012 it STILL doesn’t background or cache in any meaningful way, and the newly introduced issue of not saving payment or account information. The old ones are still all there though. The repos are as out-of-control with ads as ever (saurik absolves himself of this responsibility and puts the blame on repo owners, but funny thing, all Cydia alternatives have had the same content but way less ads), horrible layout for the repos, no consistency, UI WebView interface, etc…

    I imagine this will fail like all the other alternatives, but I still prefer to see people trying. Cydia buying Rock and incorporating absolutely zero of what made Rock good was really sad. They did it just to kill them and return ad revenue to Cydia. I also dispute your assertion that Rock “fell” from anything. They got purchased by Cydia, LLC because saurik started feeling the heat.

    Anyways, it’s not like it takes a genius to notice the glaring deficiencies in Cydia. Just open the App Store and buy a 99c app. Then open Cydia and buy a 99c tweak. The experience couldn’t be farther apart.

  • nighthawk69

    so f**king true man, i loved using icy, rock and even installer better than cydia. If ididnt upgrade to iphone 4s, i probably would have shot myself in the face waiting for it to load

  • they shud hav just used rocks source code and gui for the app, after the merge 

  • Hyperextension

    No thanks.  Cydia works just fine and serves it’s purpose.  The issues that may exist are very minor.  Why would I use another alternative?  Absolutely no reason to.  This will go the way Rock did.  Either fail miserably or just get eaten up.

  • Daniel

    Many have come and all have failed. iTweak will have to be nothing short of amazing to have any chance of challenging Cydia

  • Kkafiehjunk

    Cydia is the most horrible experience I’ve had with my iPhone. Lots of great stuff in there, true, but getting to it is a nightmare.

    Am I the only one who really loves waiting two minutes for it to completely load when you start it up? God forbid you should have to close it and reopen it to answer a phone call.

  • Yes you are the only one, they have integrated some of the speed benefits from Rock, so it is faster, and mine takes at most 30 seconds. Remember, Rock had a huge issue with taking short cuts to increase speed, when they implemented Spirits upgrade and forced many users to have to restore and start over. This was the reason they went to Cydia and worked together to solve the issue and merged. Also it allowed Intelliborn to go back to making killer apps. 

  • I’m  a developer helping coding for the iTweak Store project. If you have any questions at all ask me on twitter. @CaseyTal:twitter