Unlock Each & Every Game Center Achievement With This Awesome Free Tweak [Cydia]


For those who love playing games on their jailbroken iOS devices, this one is specifically for them. A brand new Cydia tweak called Overachiever has just been released which literally unlocks each and every Game Center achievement on any game installed on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Once you download and install the tweak, a new Settings pane appears in the showing a list of all Game Center supported games installed on your device. Next to every game, you will see an On/Off switch. Once you turn the switch to on, every single achievement for that game is unlocked.

I personally don’t play many games on my iOS devices but even if I do play a few of them, I wouldn’t use this tweak since it would actually kill the whole game-challenging experience. Plus, many would consider this as cheating. Remember that once you unlock the achievements for a game by flipping the On/Off switch, the information is written into Game Center and uploaded to Apple servers permanently. So think twice before you flip that switch!

The tweak can be downloaded for free from Cydia via BigBoss repo.

P.S. Do you guys approve of tweaks like Overachiever? Let us know!


  • Eason_1108

    what’s the point for this? just to show off something you didn’t actually earn by your own effort? 



  • No. Just… No.

    This website has officially turned to shit.

  • Anonymous

    By reporting a new tweak?  Reporting is not condoning.  Rather than waste the time posting useless things such as this, use that time to click to a “better” Canadian based site.  Good luck finding one.  🙂

  • Anonymous

    Why anyone would do this completely boggles my mind…

  • No, thanks.

    Out of all the possible Cydia tweaks the could report on, they choose one that condones cheating.

    Also, you are right, this is a Canadian site. iPhone in Canada, right? Okay, so, give me news about the iPhone. In Canada. I don’t want my RSS feeds flooded with random Cydia tweaks. If I did, there’s already a billion sites for that. At first, this site was great as it gave me news I wanted, but recently it has turned to “iPhone App Store and Cydia Spotlights (with the occasional Canadian news)”.

  • Anonymous

    Just a thought…I believe if you’re discontent, RSS feeds allow unsubscribing then….


  • Stop posting useless crap

    Just a thought, providing constructive feedback shouldn’t mean I have to stop reading the site. Though if it keeps being random shitty “news” I suspect I will unsubscribe.

  • “No. Just… No.” is a fag

    Well I think these tweaks are very cool. They don’t post the garbage tweaks that 7 year olds use to make their iPhone look like shit, and a lot of their stuff is pretty useful.

  • Anonymous

    “This website has officially turned to shit” is constructive?? Would your teacher say “This essay is crap” and that be considered constructive??

  • I think this tweak is pretty pathetic. 

  • Anonymous

    People who use these “tweaks” are the same guys who have 9809098998787 score in Angry Birds

  • Worst post on this site

    I usually enjoy this site. Usually, if there’s some article that doesn’t look interesting, I just skip it. 

    But this post is unacceptable. Whether or not a person cheats to unlock every achievement or any other part of a game for themselves is up to them. But this tweak messes with the purpose of gamecenter, which is still a young and developing service. It has the potential to fill gamecenter with an insane amount of crap. And you are encouraging that by even posting it. It’s not a useful tweak that improves gamecenter at all. It makes it worse. 

    Also, if you don’t play games on your iPhone very much, why are you the one writing this?

    Internet rage complete

  • Anonymous

    Not just Angry Birds…  some people have top scores in Death Rally that would literally take about 1-2 years to get… lol

  • Bryce Ford

    This is very useful if your game center broke for a while and didn’t upload about half of your achievements (like me).  I don’t intend to cheat at all but this is a lifesaver versus going back and replaying everything to unlock the achievements that I have beaten.