Apple Delays White iPhone 4 Until “Later This Year”


It would seem that since the June 2010 launch day, the iPhone 4 has had more problems than successes!

When the first wave of iPhone 4 devices launched in June 2010, Apple had indicated that the white iPhone 4 would be delayed until the second half of July 2010, citing manufacturing problems.

As the July 30 iPhone 4 launch approaches (7 days), Apple today announced that the white iPhone 4 will be further delayed until “later this year”:

White models of Apple’s new iPhone 4 have continued to be more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected, and as a result they will not be available until later this year. The availability of the more popular iPhone 4 black models is not affected.

For those wondering why the device is constantly delayed, the white iPhone 4 has reportedly been seeing issues due to quality control related to the white coloring on the front glass panel.

At this time, the Canadian iPhone 4 launch is still scheduled for July 30, 2010 but the white iPhone 4 in 16/32GB will not be available.


  • Whiterhino14

    I was bent on getting a white iphone 4 but I order a black Vapor 4 case from Element
    and realized the white wouldn’t look good with the black, so I’m not gonna cry…………….well, unless they cancel the black one too.

  • Hyperextension

    Oh well. Black is where it's at anyway. White looks too much like a toy. Now if we could only get some information from Apple and the carriers about pricing and pre-orders (if there will be or not). Stop being so tight-lipped, get off your asses and let your customers know what is going on. It is only a week away.

  • Megavidiot

    The colour doesn't really matter to me…just some info for the release next week would be nice!!!

  • Dman

    Oh well I already have an iPhone 3GS in white. I'm not to find of the white iPhone 4, so I'll be getting the black this time around

  • Nando83p

    you think the ulocked iphone 4 is going to sold out in launch day? someone?

  • Helvetica

    I don't see colour … I just see the phone, racists.

  • Sgurpartap

    ya it will be sold on launch day… do think that launch day will be july 3th only as only 7 dyas are left and no news abt preorders and upgrade plans….

  • Ex

    Other than pricing, which is already assumed, there isn't any other “plans”
    to announce.

    The price plans are the same, the policies are the same.

  • Rob

    white, black, hell if it was pink with flowers on it I'd still want one. Please just let me pre-order so I can finally sleep at night, GOD…

  • heep

    Rogers puts out a page early June about the Iphone 4 and NOTHING since then!!! What a bunch of losers. Just jerking their new customers (if they're going to have any) as much as their old ones and waiting till everyone releases pricing info so that they can rip everyone off as much as possible. Even Telus and Virgin have announced something concrete.

  • Nick Sewell

    My guess is the reason we haven't heard anything is that Apple hasn't confirmed the shipment to the carriers. Imagine if they promised it for the 30th, people start camping out at the stores and then launch arrives with no phones…

  • telus, bell and virgin have only announced what you already know, so it's not like your learning anything new.

    And with nothing but delays coming from apple, I think it's a smart business decision on rogers behalf not to officially announce anything until it's concrete.

  • Jarndt08

    I was really excited about the white iPhone 4 but the way I look at it, you gotta have a case on the damn thing for it to work properly so I'll just opt out and get a black one!

  • Arie

    HAHAH sameeeee here (without the flowers thou) haha man it's ridiculous how many times i've checked the Apple Store (CDN) hoping for a pre-order button. Just last night I accidentally went to the American Store and saw the buttons to order the phone.. got excited and then realized it was only for the states haha.. COME ON APPPLE stop playing games and give me my damn iPhone 4!

  • D4Yv3

    I called Bell earlier. They told me that they will not be doing preorders, and that it will be first come first serve. My location will also be opening at 10:00am EST.

  • Peter

    Damn it. I was going to shell out a thick wad of cash for an unlocked white 32GB'er.

  • LOL! I feel you man all this waiting is driving me nuts!

  • Nando83p

    EX, you think the unlocked iphone 4 is going to be sold out on launch day? the earliest I can get to the apple store is 31 july morning

  • Ex

    It won't be sold out launch day, but very likely after the launch weekend.

  • Hanskra

    The best is, that for example in Switzerland (same release as Canada), preorder….well…reservation at Apple store (in AS click iPhone, then it opens) is available now. What beat this is, that it's a hoax. NO Apple Store in Switzerland has any idea, price or stock to fill these reservations. The reservation page even accepts pickup today….haha. Apple has to fire a few people!

  • Whiterhino14

    Yeah, it's a little spooky. A week ago Jobs says launch day is the 30th and the white iphone will go on sale. A week later , Hey , sorry no white iphones. If Wednesday comes and I hear that the Iphone launch has been delayed again. I'm gonna sue Apple for cruel and unusual punishment. : )

  • haha I love your comment. WELL SAID!! I'm gonna sue too.. like wow I can't stand this anymore XD

  • Nando83p


  • Whiterhino14

    Yeah, we could all get together and write up a class action lawsuit ( in crayon ) and refuse to eat KD until this problem is sorted out. After 4 days the Canadian economy would go down the tubes and they would have to sell us our phones for the good of the nation. Who's with me? viva la iphone persistence!

  • Steve Lam

    i'm skipping the iphone 4. this launch has been filled with way too many issues and now the white iphone 4 won't even launch untl possibly midway to the next iphone version? bah. see you in july 2011, apple.

  • djepsilon

    Hahahaha! I'm so in!

  • Norriegga

    I'm going to sue myself for being such an idiot

  • Xywix

    this is the worst day of my life!!

  • Sgurpartap

    ya it will be sold on launch day because in uk same day launch was there…and plus if apple alows we can order it online then pik up in a store

  • Simon

    Is there any reason why Apple wouldn't allow pre-ordering? Anyone?

  • Matt

    I'm starting to feel the same way. There's been wayyyy too much drama.

  • now say apple is the BEST!! lol

  • arturo

    oh wow this is pretty depressing. I am not sure anymore.

  • No big deal to me since I've never been a fan of the white iPhones anyway, but I'm sure it's an annoying announcement for some.

  • I guess I will be using my ugly Blackberry Curve until later this year when the white one comes out but I am NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS APPLE!

  • Whiterhino14

    It's so weird that most of the reviews we have seen done by tech bloggers have all been using the white iphone. Did they all just stand their taking turns reviewing the only one in existence? Seems fishy! I bet the Pope got his mitts on a white one. : ( amen

  • DaMan05

    People in the forums are saying white iphone4's have already been received by Bell stores…??

  • Adrian

    “10:32 White iPhone 4 shipping end of July. Quantities limited at first, ramping up.” – apple press conference july 16. i think there are white iphones just not many. remember also the pics of the white iphone in japan unbox

  • Boobs'n'Guns

    Pics or it didn't happen

  • Chow

    It just happened to me… lol
    went to the US store and i was like YES! and very disappointed afterward

  • lol!

  • Chrome262

    if there are no pre orders that would suck, I don't understand why ATT does it but fido and rogers won't, its not like i have a job or anything where waiting in line for the dam thing its totally ok. and its upgrade time for me and my family so it could be potential three phones from fido, So i have to go into them. I would love to be able to set up a reservation on the apple site and do it through them.

  • croc

    good. more reason for me to get a black one. once you go black, you will never turn back.

  •  Xaroc

    Release the white iPhone anyway, and offer a free skin to cover defects lol

  • Hyperextension

    I was just in the Apple Store in Square One in Mississauga and talked to a couple “geniuses” so take this with a grain of salt. I asked if they would have online pre-orders of iPhone4 and they said no, only in-store on launch day. I asked if they will have the unlocked ones too and they said yes. They will have for all carriers as well as the unlocked units. Guess I am standing in line at Apple on Friday.

  • Jose


  • 8yr telus customer….

    Forgive me, I am new to this iphone business…..are you saying that if i want an iphone through telus, i can go to the apple store and not just an “authorized telus dealer”?

  •  Xaroc


    Sent from my iPad

  • 8yr telus customer….

    If you are in a city with only one Apple store I suppose it is a gamble whether to go to them (maybe more stock, but longer lines) or a regular cell phone dealer (maybe less line but possibly less stock too!?!)! 🙂

    Thanks for your help!

  •  Xaroc

    I been in line in apple stores before. They plan for it very well,
    normally have 20+ staff at any point in time. They are very good at
    keeping lines moving. Yes they will have the largest stock of all your
    local telus deals put together lol

    Sent from my iPad

  • mackman6151

    not if most carriers willb e giving hte early upgrade option to previous iPhone users. idk why i'd pay almost doube the price just to get a hardware unlock when we have a perfectly good softwre unlock comming via jailbreak community 🙂

  •  Xaroc

    Amen. For most of the average users such as myself that very rarely
    ever leave my country it's a lot of wasted money you will not get much
    benefit out of.

  •  Xaroc

    Lol. On my side I love white, very clean. Also i own a lot of apple products, and it's odd seeing 1 black piece on a table of white… God this is sounding so wrong… Hmmm next step..*thinks*

    White is good because if I get any fried chicken juice on it I will easily see it and lick it clean! Think about it…

  • 8yr telus customer….

    Interesting, thanks. I can't get to any store until around 11:00 anyway, so I guess I will see how it plays out. Sure would be nice to have pricing finalized though….I need to talk to Telus to have the “what are you gonna do for me?” conversation and would like to have that info in hand to go to any store. 🙂

  • Hyperextension

    Apparently they will have several lines, depending on the carrier you are with. One for Rogers, Bell, Telus, Fido, Virgin, etc. And also another line if you are buying an unlocked one. Wonder what they will do for people like me who is picking up an unlocked one, as well as upgrading my wife on Rogers.

  • Jeez Apple, why not move to a 1.5 year cycle?

  •  Xaroc

    One per customer. They will make you choose 1 or the other. They are
    super strict one per customer issue

  • 8yr telus customer….

    Good to know about different lines too…thank you too!

  • Nando83p

    you mean you can only buy one ihpone pero costumer? I can only buy one for myslef and not one for my friend?

  •  Xaroc

    Both parties must be in the store to buy 2. 1 per customer.

  • Dwight990

    i'll sue for skipping Canada in the first place lol

  • rorypiper

    I'm not a fan of the white one anyway. On the back it's okay, but I prefer the black frame around my screen. Besides, you can always get a white case or skin.

  •  Xaroc

    Only like whites from the back? Ouch lol

  • Turtle

    Steve Jobs never confirmed or denied the iphone in white for canada

  • Vartanarsen

    I kinda disagree. IP4 has a lot of issues. In the future, i can see many firmware updates…maybe one every month, every 2 months. Apple engineers will constantly be patching up holes to exploits and be locking software-unlocks out. People who are holding official unlocked versions on the other hand will be free to update to their heart's content without having to worry about whether that Frodo-looking kid has developed the latest and greatest…the more apple engineers patch holes, the harder its getting for Dev team, and the slower they are getting. For me, its worth it to have a hassle free-unlocked IP4 and not be at the mercy of that Frodo-kid

  • Sodomizerrrr

    ghey. i'll get a blackberry.

  • dose anyone know that can I buy a factory unlocked iPhone4 in Rogers with a full price?

  • White Horsepower

    I like the white one, the black one seems to leave traces of chicken grease xP

  • Frodo kid = Geohot

  • lefort

    no, you cant.

  • LoWd0Wn

    Does anyone know if there will be an online order form for the iphone 4, like the ipad, before the actual release date. I am surprised it hasn't happened yet as the ( supposed) release date in Canada is 6 days away!!

  • Felicia

    is it confirmed that canada will not be getting the white iphone 4 and when will telus be releasing their plans all this waiting is driving me insane!!!

  • Mac

    The people at the telus and bell stores have no idea what there talking about they said the white iphone was coming out the 30th with the black one

  • Mac

    Apple just likes watching us suffer. lol i wonder how long the lines are going to be to get one on release day

  • Hyperextension

    I confirmed that the limit is 2 devices per customer, so that is good.

  •  Xaroc

    Reals? Thats a change from last year

  • mackman6151

    i thinkthey'll patch up exploits, but i'm sure the dev team and other will find many more (as can be seen with the PSP….sony perpetually patched exploits, and even changed out the motherboards to basically brick upon installing custom firmware). the fact that apple still gets all its money regardless of where ppl get the phones (the cheaper carrier locked phones, its the carrier that has to cough up the subsidies, not apple)….the fasct that they support more than one carrier now i doubt they'll work hard to keep loopholes locked 9thats more sales for them).

  • Guest

    The black one is better anyway, much better for viewing videos/photos etc.

  • thanks

  • Keenan

    lol! Funny

  • Keenan Dumoy

    That's true but are you insinuating that it may be here and the states but not other countries? Personally I doubt that.

  • Kid

    Appearantly they are still keeping the date for the White phone in Canada for the 30th! That's What I heard

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