Apple Looking Into New Packaging That Could Power Devices Inside Them


A new patent suggests that Apple is looking into new packaging that would wirelessly power the iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches inside, while on store shelves. An RF power transmitter in the store would wirelessly send power to the packaging, acting as the receiver, and powering the device.

While the obvious use for this would be to keep devices charged on the shelves, so they are fully ready to go once purchased, Apple could also do away with printed packaging. They could have the device running in demo mode, in a clear package, having the devices sell themselves. This may also allow Apple to keep the firmware up to date on the devices, without having to take them out of the packages.

“Although typical packaging for an electronic media device may be designed to adequately protect the device from shock or damage, the packaging is extremely limited in other respects. For example, the ability to fully view or interact with the electronic media device while still inside the packaging is severely limited in most packaging designs. Although unobtrusive packaging designs have been developed, these designs typically do not allow electronic media devices to be interacted with while inside the packaging.”

This patent was filed in December of last year, but was just made public this week. It is credited to Michael Rosenblatt, who is Apple’s former New Technologies Manager.

If they could do this with the packaging, why not with the devices themselves? Wireless charging would be beneficial to the consumer, and could possibly eliminate the need for a dock connector, at all. With wireless syncing to iTunes, and iCloud already in in use, wireless charging would seal the deal. This could allow for iDevices to be even thinner.



  • Guest

    This could allow for iDevices to be even thinner.
    How do you figure? It might need to mak them thicker by adding whatever component would be needed.

  • Gerry18

    Why not package the iPhone like they do with the iPod touch? Yet again, it could be cost efficient with the packaging size.

  • Tjmcd

    the glass back to the iPhone is all thats needed to make wireless charging possible i myself have been working on parring a power mat case with the glass back to the iPhone

  • Frankie

    Induction charging is wireless and old technology. The only problem I have with this is electronic equipment, and the components within, have an Estimated Average Lifespan(EAL). Say, for an iPad screen, the EAL is 7 years based on lab set conditions (temperature, humidity etc.) with average 7 hours daily use. By having it on demo mode working 24 hours a day, playing sounds, images and videos for customers, the EAL will drop down dramatically. It has one advantage: the relaibility factor will go up with Apple products as Apple will find defective goods, while on demo mode, and remove them off the shelves. The disadvantage, however, is we will buy products that will have less life expectancy the more they stay on the shelf.

  • Sandeep Goyal

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