Apple Releases All-New Redesigned Airport Express for $99


Apple has quietly released a newly designed Airport Express. The new design resembles an Apple TV with rounded corners in its classic all-white. The price is advertised at $99 CDN on (the Apple Store is down as of publishing).

Simultaneous dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi. Incredibly easy setup from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or PC. An all-new design.

Isn’t this a $10 price drop from before for Canadians?



  • This one only has two ports…the other one had four.

  • Gleung

    That’s the Airport Extreme. This is the Airport Express

  • Benoit Renaud

    Nope, it went from one port to two.   Price was always $99.  I sure hope they fixed the AirPlay issue where it would skip like there is no tomorow if you connected it with an optical toslink.

    Mike is thinking Airport Extreme, which is $200 but much more powerful (though no AirPlay)

  • brizer

    What does it do. My DSL router provides wifi internet to my MacBook, iPad, iPhone.. And my applevTV is LAN cabled directly to it allowing for my MBpro, iPad etc to AirPlay to the TV. From the TV I can audio out to an audio receiver if I want.

    I can’t think of a need for airport express.

  • Benoit Renaud

    Two thing.

    AppleTV without video (essentially), and, not to be neglected, extending your wireless network’s coverage.  Beautiful device for the backyard speakers, hiding your printer  somewhere, or playing your music in many rooms simultaneously.

  • coop

    Too bad they dropped the integral AC connector. Made it great in a hotel to share one wired internet connection to multiple devices. Can still do that of course, but would have to carry another power cable in my case.

  • That integrated power plug was the best thing ever.