iPad mini Launches in Canada on November 2nd


Apple has announced their new 7.9″ iPad mini and pre-orders start this Friday, October 26th for the Wi-Fi version, with the price starting at $329 for the 16GB version.

US pricing so far:

  • WiFi: 16GB/32GB/64GB for $329/$429/$529
  • LTE: 16GB/32GB/64GB for $459/$559/$659

The launch takes place a week later on November 2nd, and includes Canada. The rollout is quite aggressive as it includes a tonne of countries at the start:



  • Glassbase

    I am pissed that I pre-ordered an iPad 3 to only have it replaced within 6 months.. anyone else?
    Gary – seems like a good poll idea?

  • You can return it to Apple no problem & wait for the new one!

  • Annnon

    329$ no retina display… Ouch

  • I’m surprised they didn’t add phone capabilities… it would have been a more appropriately sized competitor for the Samsung GSIII. 😉

  • Richard

    Wow, seems a little expensive. I guess we’re paying the Apple novelty tax.

  • Richard

    Or is the gouging tax?

  • Glassbase

    All depends on what you want to call it.

  • Farids

    I’m surprised at the price range. At that price range, Apple will shoot itself in the foot and the sales of iPad mini will screw up the sales numbers of the full size iPads. It’s stupid of Apple to release 3 products all in the price range of $100 from each other. If they released the iPad mini at the starting range of$200-$250, they could’ve pretty much be the only company to sell tablets in the world! The whole market would be theirs. But now, Apple competes with itself.

  • Farids

    I agree. I got mine less than 2 months ago, thinking I couldn’t wait for 6 months for the update.

  • Richard

    Initially I’m leaning towards it being a gouging tax 🙂

  • Anthony ?

    The new one is “better” than the one they released in March, but not as significant a change. I’m still happy with my iPad 3. Works just fine for me and likely will for some time to come.

    That said, 6 months between model updates seems short.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    great form factor for the mini

    and thats it

  • Glassbase

    iPad 2 still on store. iPad 3 is gone. Which is even more jokes. WTF

  • Anthony ?

    It’s a bit higher than I expected, I figured it would be $299 US. But, if someone wants one I don’t think a $30 price difference will kill it for them. As for messing up sales of the full size models I don’t think that will happen. If someone wants a 10″ tablet that’s likely what they’ll buy. The iPad 2 will be discontinued within the next 12 months I believe, and if it isn’t replaced (which I suspect will be the case) at the $399 price point then you’ll just have the Mini starting at $329 and the full size iPad at $499. I suspect that they will end up generating more revenue overall since the iPad Mini will appeal to users who feel that 10″ is too big so they’ll sell to new customers as well as existing customers who want something smaller.

    However, with a $130 price difference, I don’t see them taking much market share from the Kindle Fire or the Nexus 7.

  • I was a little surprised that the iPad Mini clocked in at over the $300 price point. But then I thought more – the Android tablet market is not really gaining traction. Perhaps it’s arrogance, but Apple likely feels that they do not need to ‘steal away’ the 7″ Android tablet market share because there hasn’t been a substantial one established even without competition from Apple. Instead, they may be feeling that there’s a potential iPad market out there of users who want an iPad but price point and the form factor were undesirable. Those users didn’t want to ‘settle’ for an Android tablet. So, without pressure to price to steal away Android market share, Apple went with a price point that still earns them a decent margin and potentially gains users that were waiting outside the gates who really wanted an iPad device all along. It will be interesting to see over time if the 7″ gains new net sales or if it ends up luring people from the 10″ iPad to the 7″ and thus minimizing the net new. Or will all those potential buyers of a 7″ tablet who were waiting for Apple’s move in this space decide to pull the trigger strictly on price point and purchase Android.

    No matter what – the tablet market is heating up!

  • wuju

    I’m pissed too. Too short and fast. Can’t afford a refresh in just 6 months. Will skip this all together. Wait till the 5th generation.

  • wuju

    Indeed. no Retina killed it for me.

  • Magrat22

    Somewhere on the interwebs I read it cost $200 to create each iPad Mini. If that’s the case then I think there price point is valid. Comparing it to the Fire or the Nexus is useless they are big slabs of plastic with ugly design. They don’t cost as much to make so of course they can sell them cheaper.

    What you pay for with Apple and always have is something that would look good in a Parisian Art Gallery as well as in your bag. I want a product to be aesthetically pleasing and work both of which Apple excels in.

    My two cents anyway. 🙂

    Other thing I noticed is that it says $329 on the Canadian Store too? Are we getting the same pricing?

  • Farids

    That’s my point Anthony. They directly compared it to Nexus 7. Apple made it sound like they came up with an iPad that does the same as android tablets, but better because its an iPad! why buy a 7″ android tablet (which happens to be in the $199-$299 range), when you can buy an iPad. That was what I got from the presentation. I think Apple executives have been making so much money for such a long time, they’ve forgotten how much a regular middle class Joe with a few kids can afford and how he has to budget for a tablet.

  • Apple has never made products that compete for lowest price. Macs, iPods, iPhones and iPads have never been the lowest-priced products on the market. That’s not what they’re about. They’re about making a high-quality product and pricing it at what they think it’s worth, and then they let the customer decide if they want to pay more for a higher-quality product.

    There are other companies that do the same thing. Nobody complains that Dyson doesn’t price their vacuums to compete at the lowest price point, or that BMW doesn’t make a sub-$30,000 car. They understand that those brands make a different quality product at a different price point, and you can choose whether or not you value it enough to pay the higher price.

  • I agree that the lack of retina is disappointing, but from a technical point of view, I’m glad they went this route as opposed to introducing yet another resolution for app developers to design for.

    Also, while the display resolution doesn’t meet “retina” levels, it’s still 163ppi, which isn’t going to look awful. It’s higher pixel density than the iPad 2, with better screen technology. I’ll hold judgement until I see one in person.

  • Anthony ?

    I agree, the comparison with the Nexus 7 seemed a little pointless considering the difference in price. If it was $249 maybe, but once you get to be $100+ more I don’t think it holds up anymore. That said, this isn’t exactly a family necessity, so if someone can’t afford a tablet they probably shouldn’t buy one.

  • The reason why the Nexus and Kindle Fires sell for cheap is because Google & Amazon subsidize their products (either through advertising or content sales) and sell them at cost. Apple’s business model has always been to make a profit on their hardware.

    Having said that, I still think a $299 starting price would’ve been more realistic. It still would’ve given them a 33.5% gross margin, which is pretty decent.

  • “I agree, the comparison with the Nexus 7 seemed a little pointless considering the difference in price. ”

    Actually I don’t agree. When you’re selling a product that sells for considerably more, having a comparison to justify the price difference is necessary, at least from a consumer perspective.

    The biggest selling points for the iPad mini are

    built quality
    screen is at least 33% larger in surface area
    it runs iPad apps in full fidelity therefore no degradation of user experience
    there’s an ecosystem of over 250,000 apps

    Apple is positioning this for people that want a smaller / lighter iPad, that can run full iPad apps, not a cheap iPad. Whether it’s success or not their prices remain to be seen.

  • JP

    Mmm, I agree that iPad 3 owners could feel like guinea pigs. I decided to pass it because regardless of its qualities, it was heavier than the iPad 2 and felt wrong (as is: this is a Plan B, which numerous reports did confirm afterward). I would have one I would be pissed. Waiting for the iPad 5 with Retina display AND at least not bigger nor heavier than the 2… Meantime, will try an iPad Mini.