Mexican Carrier Executive Claims iPhone 4 Revision Coming By The End Of September


This week, CanalMX is reporting on the comments made by an executive at Telcel, a Mexican wireless carrier, indicating that Apple is to release revised hardware of the iPhone 4 by the end of September 2010.

The reason for the hardware revision is to address the widely publicized iPhone 4 antenna issue.

According to Marco Quatorze, Telcel’s Director of Value Added Services, the iPhone 4 currently being sold in Mexico will continue to be the same hardware that is sold in the U.S., Canada, and other countries. This device will still qualify for the free case.

However, Quatorze notes that as of September 30, 2010, which is when the iPhone 4 free case program ends, Apple will release revised hardware without the antenna trouble.

At this time it is unknown how accurate these claims are since this executive is barely connected to Apple in any way aside from the device being sold by the wireless company. It is however very likely that the executive is misinterpreting Apple’s free iPhone 4 case program end date to be something that it is not.

Personally, I’ve yet to experience the antenna problems on my iPhone 4, no matter how I hold the device. What do you think? Is there a hardware revision coming?



  • :)

    nope there isnt one it’s all BS

  • Carlos

    It MAY be true. Steve Jobs did say that come September (when the case program ends), if the reception issue still persists, they will come up with something then.

    Because I’m going to school in a week, I decided not to get it and just save up to get my girlfriend and I one next year. Hopefully, by then, Face Time will be good on 3G. With iOS4, my 3GS has become more useful.

    Personally, save it for July, 2011. The Americans started this and now have forgotten about it with all their issues – Mosque by Ground 0, Sharpton vs. Beck, Obama’s economy, pulling out of another war they didn’t win…hmmm what else?

  • Xetal

    I could say Iphone 4 is to be discontinued ! Would that make my saying true ? I doubt Apple release a new revision that quick. It in fact would acknowledge the issue to be hardware related… Do you really think apple wants to piss off all the current iphone 4 owners ? Just my 2 cents.

  • My prediction: There will be no new iPhone model announced until January – for mid 2011 release.

  • Anonymous

    my initial device I got on opening weekend had no antenna issue. that device was defective and i returned it they replaced it with a “refurb” one. they claim it was too new to actually be “refurb” so its really new but in a “refurb package”. I think it was a US released one that was refurb and then repackaged as rogers. This one has antenaa issues. i can literally make my Rogers signal drop to no service lol. i’m too lazy to get another one and re-back up my data with jailbreak so i said fuck it ill “hold it differently”. the case fixes the issue.

  • frmrbblover

    The more I read about the “antennae issue” the more I am convinced that AT&T is the worst mobile network in the world. I’ve never had a dropped call or poor reception as a result of holding the iPhone with a death grip.

  • Ex


  • Got Milk?

    I am on Bell Mobility in the Kingston Ontario area with the iPhone 4. When at home I get 2 to 4 bars out of 5 and usually no more than 3 bars while holding the device. I have, and continue to experience antenna issues and signal degradation without the bumper. Since receiving my free bumper a couple weeks ago I’ve found that signal issues are less of a problem. The fancy looking metal around the outside wasn’t why I bought the iPhone 4. They should have left the antennas inside where skin can’t create a short between antennas! Otherwise I do like my iPhone 4.

  • Kennysdead22

    Well no, thats what you heard not what Steve Jobs said. He said that the case program will be in effect until September 30th and at that time we will re-evaluate it. “It” be the case program

  • Kennysdead22

    I agree as well, I generally have a good signal everywhere and since having the iphone 4 I have been able to have signal in places I never have before. Sure I can lose some signal by holding the antenna but you generally have to do it on purpose. I have however dropped one call from holding it wrong but I was already in a poor signal area

  • roadcarver

    I do see the signal bars drop to a one bar if I hold it in the death grip. I’m with Rogers in the york region area. However, I’m using a Roots Tuff skin case so its not an issue for me.

    I have not experienced a total loss of signal yet while holding the antenna with the death grip.

  • reddyroc

    isnt it obvious there is a hardware revision coming considering all stores are carrying barebone amounts of stock? i tried a friends iphone 4, gave it the death grip and it dropped reception almost completely and data went from 3g to edge. Even Apple admitted there is a problem… and then went on to say that it happens to all phones.

  • Mosdf

    I have it happen on my iPhone 4 with Telus downtown Toronto with no case. Holding it in the lower left corner, takes about 30 secs but I start at 4 bars then after 10 secs it drops to 3, 10 more secs it goes to 2, and then 10 more secs it goes to 1. If I let go of it, it goes back up in the same time, takes 10 secs to go to 2 bars, another 10 secs and it’s at 3 etc. Never had it impact anything though, no dropped calls (except one today an hour ago but not sure if the person hung up by mistake or what but the phone just hung up on the call).

  • Hyperextension

    I have not experienced much signal loss here in Canada, but if they do offer a new revision, I will be hitting Apple up to replace mine for sure.

  • even though you guys have never experienced dropped calls due to this antennas issue. maybe you would like to try speedtest app and see what’s going on with the upload speed when death grip. simple as that. every iphone 4 has the problem no matter which carrier you r using.

    however, i highly doubt apple will release the new model that quickly, it wont help their sales but piss off the current ip4 user.

  • xxJDxx

    I highly doubt a new device solely based on the fact that everyone with the current i4 would be outraged. It would turn into a PR nightmare for apple as most of their biggest fans are the ones that got the i4 right away….

  • rufi

    Yes, without the bumper and pressing the death grip spot, the speed test results show a dramatic decreases (50% less for download and 50 kbps for up). I tested with the bumper on today. While I may still lose 1-2 bars when touching the weak spot (I have full bars if I do not touch it) ; it no more degrades speed results.

  • Tigger59

    WTF! I guess by the time the iPhone 4 is ready, the iPhone 5 will be available but it will be impossible to get v5 because v4 will be available for $50. And as a Rogers customer, I can forget about EVER getting one.

  • Lexi

    Is it possible to get a replacement if Apple offers a new revision?