Some iPhone 4 Units Feature Reversed Volume Buttons


And the iPhone 4 design issues continue.

This week has marked an unbelievable set of events for one of the most popular smartphones on the planet, the iPhone 4. It all began with scratches on the back panel of the iPhone 4.

After scratches, it was discolored displays. After displays, it was this insane signal degradation issue where users are being told as a solution to hold the iPhone 4 differently (which is not a solution at all).

The latest issue is volume buttons!

It seems that some iPhone 4 units are arriving to users with reversed volume buttons. In other words, instead of the “+” volume button being used to increase the volume on the iPhone 4, it is decreasing the volume. The same goes for the “-” volume button which is being used to increase volume instead of to decrease volume!

Hopefully this is an isolated issue, but maybe the fix is to hold it differently?



  • Alsarraf M

    Nice work apple

  • M Chan

    like they said at 9to5.. think of the buttons a different way Less Mute (-) More Mute (+)

  • Vartanarsen

    Hold it different


    Apple. Hold Different

  • Wow… someone at Foxxcon QC is screwing up royally.

  • Vartanarsen

    yeah–remember the article about the suicides in the Foxcon factories about 2 months ago…..must be something related to that…

  • mackman6151

    LOL love the last sentence “Hopefully this is an isolated issue, but maybe the fix is to hold it dfferently?”

  • Maverick Lam

    Instead of the holding postion……. I blame it on software issues (jk)…….. ha ha.

  • Auto Strada

    Wow, my 3gs, with iOS 4 in it, just went up in value…

    …ten fold!!!

  • Humanv3

    Phew, never thought I'd say it but thank god Canada isn't getting these for a while… Be all fixed by then! XD

  • Auto Strada

    well, let's hope.

  • DjDATZ

    Personally, I would actually like this. 😛

  • Cant wait for the US customers to work out the bugs.. thanks for troubleshooting for us Canadian customers USA!

  • 1127hey

    Well, it sure does put more meaning into their, “This changes everything. Again.”

  • Admin

    I'm going to try and hold it differently… wish me luck!

  • smarty

    or maybe hold it the same way but stand upside down… ha ha ha ha….

  • Hagow

    wow in summary:

    1) easy scratches
    2) reception issues
    3) screen color issue
    4) proximity sensor issue
    5) volume button issue

    I hope it is just isolated units. This sucks!

  • Luca

    lol too funny “Hopefully this is an isolated issue, but maybe the fix is to hold it differently?” i cant believe he keeps saying that he just doesn't want to deal with other peoples problems seriously he should take that into consideration and fix it soon before they release in other countries and im not only talking about this problem ll the other problems too i was so happy for this phone but after hearing all this not so much

  • Ralph

    lol maybe waiting for the 2nd major release is a good idea, let the 1st release countries worked out the bugs first!!

  • hahaha

  • Wuju

    more reason I'm happy that Canada has to wait a month for them to squash all the bugs.

  • ilover

    SO…. I'm assuming Nokia or HTC someone like that are the ones running this site?!?!? Aside from the fact that this webpage looks like it was put together by a kindergarten student, the “facts” on it – are entirely unfounded! None of this is true – the discoloration on SOME phones, not all, came from being so rushed out of the factory, but disappeared after the first day of use….. all the other stuff – crap! Don't worry Canada, our iphones don't need to have the “bugs worked out”, there are no bugs! The phone is genius, and anyone who doesn't think so, is just jealous that they don't have one/can't get one!!! I personally can not WAIT!

  • Matt K

    Boy if I didn't know much about Apple fan sites I would swear people are TRYING to find reasons to hate them.

  • roadcarver

    This will cater to the dyslexic(sp)?

  • Well, “ilover”, while some of these issues may have been blown out of proportion, there is no sense in covering your ears and shouting LALALA. Apple has confirmed the signal problem, many devices did show up with yellow strips or dots (and this being the glue was only one explanation of many), and and for scratches, I haven't seen any proof of this one way or the other.

  • MR

    Because people keep finding problems with the iPhone 4?

  • HAHAHAHAHA oh, this is funny. Never mind, right, that all of the posts about the iPhone's “bugs” were reported on other sites *first* (this one; 9-to-5 Mac, signal issue; Engadget, etc) and attributed to them as sources.

    Also, as a contributor to I'll have you know that I am personally, really, really, ecstatically excited to get an iPhone 4 (regardless of it's apparent 'issues').

  • Luca

    ok well ya of course there going to fix the retina spots and stuff like that, that makes sense but the signal problem hopefully that problem doesnt affect our phone companies and is just at&t that have bad service cuz thats the model of the phone holding ur phone and covering the linings that are for the service of your phone well thats a huge problem how they going to fix that they cant just change the model and put the antenna or wtv in a different spot??? well im with fido (rogers) i hope holding the phone that way will just decrease the bar by 1 or 2 and not drop to 0 like at&t

  • Joedirt

    You “can't wait”… so you DON'T have a phone yourself yet YOU are saying the facts are unfounded and the issues are crap? You don't see the irony in that? YOUR opinion is unfounded. Although maybe you're right… maybe the hundreds or thousands of websites are all owned by HTC or that it's a conspiracy. You're an idiot.

  • dw4lsh


  • dw4lsh


  • dw4lsh

    Sorry I meant dislike…HTC rocks.

  • dw4lsh

    How about people are lucid and not blind unconditional Apple devotees ? Good is good, bad is bad and both are everywhere.

    However, better is at HTC.


    Edit: I own a 3GS 32GB iPhone