ZAGG invisibleSHIELD iPhone 4 Launch in Canada Giveaway


As we lined up overnight on the eve of the iPhone 4 launch in Canada, we were sponsored by our friends at ZAGG. They graciously donated a tonne of free invisibleSHIELD swag that we gave away to people in line, via word of mouth and twitter.

People really enjoyed getting free invisibleSHIELDs for their iPhone 4s and iPads! We had lots to giveaway and we even got some of the footage on camera. Thanks to @anothersamchan and @acwinwong for filming and editing the video.

Check it out below:

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD iPhone 4 GIVEAWAY!

We can’t forget the folks on the blog, so leave a comment below to win a free full body invisibleSHIELD for your iPhone 4. Don’t forget to read our full iPhone 4 review here!

Contest ends in 48 hours, winners will be announced on twitter and on this post. Canadian mailing addresses only, one entry per address. GOOD LUCK!

Get a part of iPhone 4 History, Buy your “I was there 4 it!” Tshirt!

Thanks to the help of Joshua from ThinkWebStrategy, Pierre Tabbiner Design, Tim from Kwik Kopy Calgary, and Tejpal from, we got some amazing tshirts made for launch day.

The front reads the famous line from Steve Jobs, “Just don’t hold it that way.” Below, is a line that says “I was there 4 it!”. It’s a pretty awesome tshirt and if you waited in line on iPhone 4 launch day, you’re going to want this tshirt.

You can now buy it from the Cafepress Store. Own a piece of history today!


  • livininvic

    Ooooh ooooh shield me!

  • Oleg Kotli

    To wait, you need patience.
    To win you need determination.
    Or in this case luck, to get this shield…

  • Anonymous

    right here please!

  • Knathani

    hey great info. would love an iPhone 4 shield btw.

  • Bee

    Awesome blog! I check it multiple times every day 🙂 Keep it up!

  • Marco

    me too would love a shield!

  • mco19

    yes please!!

  • N7 Shepard

    My naked iPhone would like something to cover up with until my Clear Incase arrives 😀

  • ronni

    haha, nice t-shirts!

  • Anthony

    Cool I want one!

  • jas

    Please send me a shield my i bought a screen protector of eBay and it looks so bad please help me out thanks:):)

  • Jeff

    I need an invisibleSHIELD too!

  • Nick P

    Been a long time user and promoter of the invisible shield awesome product would
    Love to win one ! 🙂

  • Themacbear

    Please, send a Sheild my way! I need to be scratch proof.

  • Trung

    i lined up 3 days 4 teh iphone! help me keep this jewel in place!

  • Ptakeda

    I’d like a shield too please! Great blog. Kudos to u guys for quality reporting

  • Dcall

    Please Sheild me! I need to be scratch proof.

  • madmax

    chyeaaaa free screen protector

  • Chris

    You really deserve one then lol

  • C Yrus_7191

    iPhone 4 + ZAGG invisibleSHIELD = Awesomness!

  • Hahmjt

    I would really want one since I got my iphone 4 stolen and just got a new one! maybe a free invisibleshield might help me cheer up!

  • Eli McLaughlin

    Shields Up!

  • If I can find an iphone this would look really good on it 😉

  • Really! I can’t even find one 🙁

  • Hotmate

    I was also in line at pacific in Vancouver but I didn’t find you guys and didn’t want to lose my place to go searching. LoL 7 hours later I go my iPhone 4 no thanks to Rogers and their network crashing computers 🙂 please hook me up with a shield!!!!

  • Sam

    what time did you line up?

  • David

    The timing couldn’t be better. I just got a iPhone 4 yesterday!

  • Tired_

    I’d like a free shield. I lined up in Victoria, starting at midnight, but nobody else showed up till after 5AM, so I was all by myself for five hours. Well, not technically by myself…I had drunk people, drunk teenagers, drunk street-people (including one guy who, upon hearing I was lining up for something, had the idea of lining up with me and selling his spot…because obviously there was so much demand for it, what with me being there, and, uh, me. Luckily for me, he decided not to!).

  • Purdey

    I drop my iphone4 twice already. Thankfuly no damage… I will definitely need to get some sort of shield, ZAGG invisible shield would be great!

  • Ryan

    Would be awesome to keep those scratches away 🙂

  • I’m still in line since July 30th 🙂 I deserve this shield lol

  • iphone4ever

    Would love a shield!!!!!! 🙂

  • chzplz

    I’d really like an invisibleSHIELD to keep my new iPhone 4 scratch-free!!

  • Rahrahrah

    Zagg = invisible ; iPhone 4 = naked; naked = invisible; therefore, Zagg = iPhone4.

  • Jehudaspearsy

    ROGERS SUCKS!!! A ZAGG shield would be lovely for my phone but Rogers would still suck!

  • Toddjune

    I haven’t experienced this Zagg shield products. The reviews look awesome. I would love to try this product. Thanks.

  • BenSiu

    I would love to get a invisibleSHIELD… always wanted to try one, but the price usually keep me from getting it…

  • Jay

    Iphone4 shields for free? Great!

  • Akhtar A03

    I have always hated the big cases and love the invisible shields. I have used zagg before n they def are hard to rip n scratch. Would live to cover my new phone for free

  • Dicin

    Zagg is a fantastic product.

  • Jefferson Nhan

    I would really like to win a ZAGG

  • Shery

    no body can av this xept me bcus i dun lyk it i can die for it soo guyxxxxxxxxxxxxxx stop postin

  • Anonymous

    Used this product on my 3G. Works great. Can’t wait to use on my 4!

  • OMG i want one of those shirts lol
    Can i win one of those? lol

  • Happy

    Thanks for the contest/giveaway. I’ve been using the invisible shield since I read about it on your blog. If I win it will go to good use.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Anonymous

    i REALLY need this as im constantly putting my iphone 4 down and dont want it scratched up!

  • Niker23

    This definitely looks good over my current 3GS screen protector. Thanks iPhoneinCanada and Zagg!

  • Martinmo1970

    I had the invisisheild for my 3GS and my daughters iPad so I know and believe in this product. Now I need one for my iPhone 4.

  • dontworryaboutit

    gimme gimme please

  • James00

    You guys are the best…I love this site!

    I’d love a Zagg Shield for my crispy new iPhone 4…I wanna keep this baby looking new!!

  • Stahain

    i am commenting below

  • Jamie

    A zagg would for sure keep my iphone from getting scratched up… And I would be able to hold it that way with the maximum protection zagg!!

  • Nick

    Is Zagg the best? Do they want me as a lifetime customer? Send me a free one and we’ll find out.

  • The ZAGG looks great. Thanks for the giveaway. This blog kicks!

  • Guest

    FUCK ZAGG IN CANADA. I TRIED TO BUY A MAX PROTECTION AT BEST BUY AND THEY DON’T EVEN CARRY THEM. ITS $32.00 for a front and back ONLY!? are you shitting me?? If you ever wonder how they’re able to give away coupon code after coupon code.. And all the free shit its because they charge a fortune for something that’s costs them probably $1.75 to make. Get your free case from apple, buy a front screen guard from the Chinese kiosk down the street for $10 and move on with your life. Or go on and buy a front and back screen protector for 1.70 w/ free shipping

  • TSiSPY007

    I’d love to have some Invisible Shield protection for my iP4! Hook me up with a free full body one! Now, how do I forward you my mailing address? haha. :O)

    Those shirts are awesome! There needs to be a shir that says the same thing but with “was there in spirit” added for people who followed the launch closely. heheh. Would’ve been fun to be there for the initial Canadian Launch and met up with you guys in line here in Vancouver, but had to work… booooo… still waiting for mine, but a few contacts at the local mobility store ensures I’m next on the list for a 32G, so I should get mine this week. Finally!

  • Scott Oldford

    I just picked up my iPhone 4 yesterday and I couldn’t be happier. I plan to purchase a full body invisibleSHIELD but to win one would be fantastic.

  • Jackp

    I have some fantastic Zagg product and i wait for my iPhone 4 so a good protection for him would welcome!

    Thanks guys.

  • RMaximal

    I need some protection for my iPhone. Good luck everyone…

  • Anonymous

    ZAGG invisibleSHIELD… woohoo! It was too bad I was in the US when the 4 was released in Canada, sounded like lots of fun!

  • ArmaDo277

    I got my iPhone this week. So, I went to Best Buy for a screen protector and was looking at the different available products. I really liked the Zagg, but the price was above my budget. I have never really owned a Zagg invisible shield, but Given it’s popularity, I hope to win this contest and finally use the invisible shield.

  • Amrit

    ZAGG + iPhoneincanada = double awesome!

  • JohnD

    Two thumbs up for iphone protection ^.^

  • drc88

    Ive had my iPhone 4 for 3 weeks and im scared to get it scratched!

  • Adrian Domanico

    I really need one of these so I can hold my phone without the case

  • Reianz

    Waited 12 hrs in line for the iPhone 4 at Oakridge on launch day. Should have gone to Pacific Centre instead! Now I would really appreciate protection for my iPhone 4! (^。^)b

  • Jason Meisner

    I love getting free skin!

  • Philippe Laramee

    I’d love to get a crée Zagg shield toi!

  • Philippe Laramee

    Damn iphone auto correction! I meant: I’d love to get a free Zagg shield too!

  • Teene

    Please help me protect my phone from my 17 month old who loves to “kiss” Talking Carl.

  • Phill

    I love free swag, please give me my Zagg!

  • Matthew

    I’m skeptical about screen protectors, but I’d love to try out a invisible shield.

  • Aryarovira

    Gotta love ZAGG!

  • Wilky

    I was in line for 16 hours @ Fairview Mall in Toronto. Would love the extra protection!!

  • Anonymous

    Help me protect my phone!! My gf might eat it!

  • SheldonK

    ZAGG for me please!

  • Awesome job Gary on the T-Shirt’s and iPhone 4 launch day!

    O ya, ZAGG’s #1 😉

  • Taylorpeggy

    My old Invisibke Shield drew more comments than any protection I’ve ever had. Usually started ” My God!!!! Don’t you want a case to protect your screen?!?!?” He he he. Great educational conversation ensued…..I’ve never looked back or owned anything since. Had my new one before my iPhone 4!! The messed it up while installing by catching a dog hair on it!!! AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!

  • Bill

    I waited in line at a Rogers store in Etobicoke on the day of the launch but it did not work out.After a wait of a couple of weeks I now have an iPhone 4 and it would be great if I could win an invisibleShield.I am now following the @iPhoneinCanada account.

  • DaNgiat

    Would like to win!! ZAGG SKIN

  • Carolynn

    I would be ever so grateful to win an invisible shield.

  • Junior Cortorreal

    ZAGG my iPhone, he gets cold at night without any covers

  • Max

    I would really like to get one!!!
    my iP4 feels so naked and winter is coming.

  • Mliwanag

    My bumper is scheduled to arrive on September 28th! A long while for a phone to be completely unprotected. Please help!

  • OMG I want in on the freebie. 🙂

  • I still don’t have one … but want to be able to protect it right as soon as I’m able. So please help me out with a a free ZAGG shield!

  • socrdiva11

    I lined up 2 seperate times on launch day and then the following monday to be turned away…finally got my phone a week and a half after launch through my local rogers retailer. A Zagg would be awesome!!

  • Inotel54

    Can I please have one shield for a small guy like me ?

  • Bartekd

    Please send me a zagg. I will be eternally grateful.

  • Alex

    I just barely got an iPhone. I lined up at the closest entrance in the mall to the rogers store, and the security guard opened up another entrance first, where other people had been lining up. I’m so glad there were 30 in the store.

  • Joseph_hac

    All I need is an Invisishield to combine with my bumper and my iPhone 4 will be indestructible! Or…at least able to share a pocket with my keys ; )

  • vDumoulin

    I’d like to have one!

  • Kalandino

    I adore the iPhone4 and would want to protect it as much as possible.

  • Avi

    Anytime you spend your hard earned money on anything especially high-quality devices..they desereve to be protected and kept in the same condition (or as close as they can) that you bought them in.

    The ZAGG invisibleSHIELD will help me acomplish that goal!

  • RockinR

    ZAGG is the Best Screen Protector Money can buy. Have had ZAGG on a number of products, just the best. !! Great SWAG, I wish they gave swag in Calgary!! So Jealous!!

  • Anonymous

    I just dished out 770 dollars to buy my iPhone4 16 gb, if you can help me protect that investment that would be great

  • Gurholt

    It took me about a week of calling each Rogers store three times a day to finally get my hands on my iPhone 4

  • Shamus

    I would be more than happy to take a ZAGG invisibleSHIELD off your hands.

  • Accordxtc

    I’ve never had a zagg before be interesting to try that out rather then a flimsy case.

  • Angela

    Would really like to win a ZAGG invisibleSHIELD! thanks 🙂

  • 801boa

    I would like to win a ZAGG cover

  • Landon

    Wish there was more hype and swag at the store in Edmonton. It’s great that your on twitter makes you guys much easier to follow. I have bought zagg products for all my apple devices and would love one for my iPhone. Thanks guys.

  • I’d gladly take a Zagg invisibleshield off your hands, to protect my phone in University!

  • AL

    It took a week of perseverance.
    always dropping by my local Rogers and apple store to find stock. reading and providing constant updates to iphoneincanada. I finally got one (two) and now I just need something to protect it.

  • Lucinosferatu

    Waaaaay back when The iPhone 3G was launched, I won the skin on here, but it got lost in the mail. Maybe it will make it for my iPhone 4 this time?

    Sent from my iPad.

  • Sdpekrul

    A Zagg full body skin would be perfect for my Wife’s new iPhone 4 which is coming soon.

  • Anonymous

    I definitely need protection against the stuff you can come in contact to!!

  • Frank

    Everywhere I look online people are saying how much of a must screen protectors are for the iPhone 4 and ZAGG is surely one of the best makers of this type of product. I waited a whole two weeks to get my iPhone and spent a lot of money on it, getting it scratched would be simply terrible. Glad to see you guys doing so many giveaways this month! Also, love the forums! They helped me through getting an iPhone in Montreal.

  • ChicoQuente

    My phone would love one of these! I got a crappy one off ebay and it is very disappointing.

  • Jessie

    I was one of the people in line at a Rogers store here for the 4. Soooo glad I got it then. My boyfriend lives five hours away and he’s been trying since day one to get it and still can’t. I’d love to have an Invisible Shield for it as right now I currently only have the plastic films it comes with on my phone.

  • ZaggIsGreat!

    Who doesnt like Zagg products?

  • Bayview

    I would love one for my lovely new phone!

  • Al sarraf, M

    I would like to know why every one lined up to get iPhone
    Befoure 3 days I went to virgin mobile store and bought one 32gb iPhone 4 for my self and yesterday I went to future shop and it was like 6pm and they had slot of them so I got 2 for my brothers from telus.
    So guys don’t line up infront of apple store just go to any specific carrier you like and buy it from them

    I would really like to win the zagg invisible shield skin for my iPhone
    Thanks iphoneincanada

  • Greg Mackenzie

    I would love a zagg IS case. Apple made a great looking phone and it’s a shame that I have to hide this sexy design in a ugly rubber/plastic case.

  • Clacoste

    Huge fan of Zagg. Have it on everything except my 4 so far. Thanks for the contest!

  • Enigma

    I would love a Zagg cause I had one for my 3GS for almost a full year!

  • Igzabier

    this the place to be, need that case

  • Bee

    My iphone 4 is bare backing. Using protection would be great.

  • Amalakiman

    after having my phone for 4 1/2 years, I just picked up my new iphone 4! I can see what people are lined up for hours and days for!!
    All I need is some protection to help my iphone last another 41/2 years, I think your contest for the Zagg is the ticket!

  • Joel

    As a reader of this blog from day one, this will be my first entry into a contest. Why? I don’t know! I usually don’t participate in contests.

  • xxl

    i would love to have another Zagg Invisible sheild for my iphone 4. It’s been keeping my ipad and 3gs in mint condition. I need to keep my other toy safe.

  • Gydeon01

    I highly recommend the shield for the ultimate protection. It worked very well on my wife’s 3G and my 3GS. Just need one for my iPhone 4 now.

  • Momo

    Zagg Swagg!!!!

  • Chris

    I think I already have a small scratch on the steel band, help me avoid any further ones!

  • Iniquity

    If i win one ill give it to my wife or her best friend.

  • Moxy

    Wish me luck! I bought a IS and after install, found half my dog’s coat was now encased to my iPhone 4’s screen 🙁 Had to remove it – give me another shot at installing one!

  • Kevin

    A Zagg case to protect my iphone4 would be awesome.

  • cpenner

    Here’s hoping

  • dhemp

    Zagg me, bro!

  • star3124

    I bought my I4 online, 3 weeks later finnaly here!

  • jwarwani

    This is me leaving a comment, hoping to get that InvisibleSHIELD.

  • Amtoineg

    Invisibility cloaks? Sign me up!

  • Jbohn

    Cool, I’d like on please!

  • Patty_pat_patster

    I would love one. Can i have one please?

  • Bk

    Free stuffs.. cool!

  • Awjvail

    Teehee, I love living in a smaller city. I only had to line up an hour before opening (I got in line at 9am, store opened at 10), and was number 10 in line. I’d have got a 32gb too, if it wasn’t for those meddling Asians in front of me… one person waited, and when the store opened, a whole swarm of them came and stood with their friend and took every one of the 32gbs.
    Which is why I should win.

  • Markv

    I’ve already smashed one iphone 4 screen…please send me a free Zagg to protect the new one!

  • Bambamkuka

    finger crossing 4 zagg…

  • David

    i wanna winn

  • Garth

    I still can’t get a iPhone 4! been on a wait list forever! I am slowly getting extras for it when I do get it (whenever that will be?).
    I would really like one of these for it. Soften the pain of having to wait forever.

  • Garry

    Invisible shield is awesome. Have has one on every device I have owned.

  • Nima

    me me me

  • lancercan77

    Haha, those t-shirts are awesome!

  • Mikal_hua

    My wife loves my iPhone 4 so much that I secretly placed one on order with Apple to get her one!

  • Mjwalker1988

    I got up at 3:30am, lined up at 4:30am in Calgary and waited till 9:30am to get it even though I had to drive 8 hours to Saskatchewan that day. I was up for 24 hours for this phone!! And I would do it again.

  • Espositoms

    Zagg me right meow

  • Zagg’s invisibleshield is a great product. I would love to try one out for my iphone 4!

  • Adrian

    waiting in line for the iPhone 5

  • Sandy Pridmore

    I work in heavy construction, I need some protection for my new iphone4

  • Darko

    A Zagg would be awesome!

  • Anonymous

    I would love to win a invisible shield that I need so bad

  • Iphone4lover

    I want it! 😛

  • Bretm5

    I line up for 19 hours to claim my prize now I need to protect it !!! Zagg me please !!

  • Hunter

    I’m paranoid of scratching my shiny new iPhone 4. The screen protector I have currently is a cheaper one with a couple of bubbles that look unsightly and I can’t get them to go away.

  • Roger Leblanc

    I need one on my new iPhone 4, loved it on my 3G!

  • Skylar Duff

    Bought an invisible shield before launch. Best product.

  • Dsjjb

    I would like a Zagg

  • Nic Nikon

    I paid a homeless guy 200 bucks to call me with a prepaid cellphone that i also bought for him when he got closer to the front of the line. I think I deerve the Zagg shield

  • Anonymous

    I’d love an Invisibleshield for my iPhone 4. It’s so naked and defenseless right now!

  • Chef_shorty

    I drove to another province to line up and get an iphone and still didn’t get it!

    My never-ending search continues…’d be nice to protect my device when I finally do get it

  • Supera

    yesss i wantsss one

  • Billy

    Hey my iPhone 4 is looking super ugly. Sure would be nice to pretty it up a little with an InvisibleShield.

  • Markkis

    I NEED it

  • Noahattic

    the zagg invisible shield is awesome!!!! i’m used to have it on my iphone 3g. now, i really want it for my iphone 4!

    thank you.

  • Stebe

    Please please!! I really need a ZAGG InvisibleShield!!! Pleaseeeeee!!!!

  • Sleemans24

    I’d love to win a Zaag … Thanks

  • Sleemans24

    Sorry, meant ZAGG.

  • Jason Latorre

    I want a shield to protect my electronic baby! LoL

  • I have three kids and two dogs so I really need the Zagg shield. Thank you.

  • Houtan_trip

    I am going to university and I know a lot of my friends will be touching and playing with my iphone 4.
    With this I would have no worries. my case will arrive in october.

    *iphone in Canada please protect my investment*

  • Justin

    I wish I had an iphone to put it onto

  • Stick

    Zagg = win

  • Belimse

    On the launch day, I was planning to line up at pacific mall and find Gary to receive a screen protector. Unfortunately, I had to line up at oakridge mall, so I missed the chance to receive. Lining up was a great experience. It was first time to wait for something on the line longer than 12 hours. It will be really memorable if I get free Zagg invisible shield. Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    i lined up for 7 hours and didnt get a shield. please shield me and i’ll love you for ever!!!

  • Blentron

    My new 32 gig iPhone 4 that I got on launch day from Fido would be complete with a Zagg skin

  • Atlong83

    ZAGG me please!

  • T2010

    Zagg me please I had the original iPhone but just purchaced an iPhone 4 and need the protection from my crazy purse please save my new iPhone

  • Markhash

    Hook me up!

  • XAnG3lX

    All I can say is I love you iphoneincanada. Thanks for the news I read Everyday from you. Keep up the good work!! Thank so much again.

  • iPhone4crazy

    Just a question. Will the zagg fit under my otterbox defender? It is in the process of shipping.

  • iPhone4crazy

    Yes Supertrooper!

  • J Shapiro

    I am Iron Man

  • Zohaib

    ZAGG ME please if still availiable!!

  • anthony dc

    nice to have one

  • i want one!:)

  • Mac

    I should get it because I couldn’t get it anywhere near my house and I don’t want my iphone to end up like my old LG rumor 🙁

  • Mase

    Gimme me now!

  • Shaheerio

    Oooohman! I soo hope I win 🙂

  • Dayleno

    I would love a ZAGG invisibleSHEILD, as it will be perfect for the iPhone 4 I have yet to acquire.

  • Ari

    Definetly could use this with my Bumperrr.. thanks for the offer

    Zagg it uP!

  • Chrome262

    I would be a nice addition to any case i might purchase in the future.

  • Eduard Epure

    I love ZAGG, i feel somewhat safe again with it on my precious gadgets

  • Deadye

    I’m cheap, free stuff please

  • tfung15

    I’ve never won anything in my life so please consider me for the invisibleshield! Thank you!

  • jvules

    i think im gonna win

  • Scott Blyth

    After a 15.5 hour wait in line foe this thing, a little extra protection couldn’t hurt!

  • Tyjo

    This would be great.

  • Geoff

    Thanks again for the free ZAGG invisibleSHIELD

    From the nerd on the right at 1:44-2:01

  • Superman

    I stood in line, and all I got were smelly shoes

  • Fullrange

    Zagg is LEGEN… wait for it … DARY. True Story !!!

  • Digital-Avatar

    Free Sticker Case? Sign me up!

  • Strecl

    I have a zag for my 3 g it was great now I need one for my 4 g

  • iGuy

    Here’s my post! I work with machinery all day long so I need to help keep this puppy in good shape!

  • iGuy

    You deserve it because you exploited a homeless persons’ poor situation, so you wouldn’t have to wait in line like everyone else did? What a joke.

  • Mike

    iPhone ftw.

  • Brenden

    I’ll take a zagg

  • Chris

    Luckily I didn’t have to wait in line.. On Aug 3rd I was walking by the apple store and noticed a line.. I asked if I was getting a unlocked one if I had to wait in line. Apparently not.. 🙂

  • ckt

    I need an invisble shield! Been buying them for my past ipods all the way back to the classic!

  • Cam

    Zagg me now!

  • Shraymonks

    Hope I get one!

  • Chris

    I find it funny that inside a ZAGG article, there’s an ad for a ION, which could be loosely considered a competitor. I understand you guys gotta pay the bills but that’s funny.

    No matter, I’ll take some free ZAGG swag anyway please!!!

  • Full Moto Jacket

    I could definitely use an Invisinle Shield for my iPhone4. I program CNC machines and I’m always on the phone out in the shop to customers. I have a habit of placing my phone on benches and machines when I set it down to do something and could use all the protection I can get.

  • Invisible Shield was great for my 3G, would be nice on the 4!

  • Michel

    Seems to be a great product.

  • Anonymous

    ordered online and still waiting to get my iphone 4 but should get it tomorrow! would be nice to win one! 🙂

  • RC

    I got my iphone4 on the first day afternoon at pacific center too! I want an invisibleshield. =)

  • I was lucky enough to get an iPhone 4, now I hope I’m lucky enough to win some awesome protection for it!

  • Ishan B

    I am actually waiting for the white iphone 4!! So thats a few months in line!

  • punkd09

    I would love a Zagg shield!!! Just what i need to protect a beautiful piece of engineering.

  • Hst20202010

    The question a person should ask themselves WHY YOU WOULDN’T.

  • HST20202010


  • rjw

    Love Zagg.

  • Markdaniel_4

    Stiil waiting to get my new IPhone 4 but want to be prepared for protecting it ,so please enter me in this contest


  • Wincan

    I lucked and got mine in Windsor waiting only half a day. Love it. Now I need the zagg shield

  • iGuy

    Sign me up!

  • Boyd 23

    iPhone 4 should be here this Thursday. I’m going out to a friends cottage for the weekend and I want to bring it but I fear something bad will happen to it. DAMN YOU IPHONE, I CANT EVEN TAKE YOU ANYWHERE TILL I GET YOU A CASE!

  • BHT

    iPhone 4 should be here this Thursday. I’m going out to a friends cottage for the weekend and I want to bring it but I fear something bad will happen to it. DAMN YOU IPHONE, I CANT EVEN TAKE YOU ANYWHERE TILL I GET YOU A CASE!

  • Boyd 23

    You too? How crazy

  • Mark Woodford

    I love my i4 so definitely please help me protect it.

  • Mark Woodford

    I love my i4 so definitely please help me protect it.

  • Mark Woodford

    I love my i4 so definitely please help me protect it.

  • Accordtr

    I waited in line myself for 8 hours but got a phone so can’t complain!

  • My iPhone 4 would look much better if it continued on in life without any scratches, please help me.

  • My iPhone 4 would look much better if it continued on in life without any scratches, please help me.

  • My iPhone 4 would look much better if it continued on in life without any scratches, please help me.

  • B_chan57

    I want ZAGG!!

  • L84toff

    Kept checking stores for stock for days before picking one up. Got lucky as the UPS truck that dropped a shipment off was still in the parking lot when I arrived.

    As for Zagg, love their products. Both our previous iPhones had Zagg skins and our new ones will also, one way or another. Totally worth its weight in gold. Even the iPad has its very own invisible shield.

    Wife would love this kinda swag.

  • Ricky

    Fantastic! Just what I need to clothes my iPhone up! I hope I lucky!

  • Peter

    i would like one!

  • Kris Depalezieux

    I haven’t got my iPhone 4 yet, but I’m close on the wait list to get one and the wait is killing me
    it would really help me out to not break or scratch once I eventually get mine!

  • JDJ

    I waited 6 hours in line to be the first at a rogers store. We had to wait for the “shipment to arrive”.

  • Shierkahn3

    I sat in line for 6hours from 4:30am till 10:30am to get my iPhone4, and they didn’t have any on launch day. I managed to get one a week later. I’d appreciate a Zagg to protect my baby.

  • EMLH

    I love the invisibleSHIELD, I had one for my 3G, I have one for my 3GS, and I’m definitely getting one when I finally get my hands on the 4.

  • Brent

    I would love a ZAGG! thx

  • Darek

    Would love an invisishield! Had one for my 3G and need to get one soon before I mark this baby

  • Brandie D

    Would love to try this Shield – have tried another from Ebay and it sucks shiat – so please pick me 🙂

  • Drichards85

    i may not have an iPhone 4 yet. But when i get get one im putting a zagg skin on it. Even if i have to pay for it. (but a free one would be nice!)

  • django

    Zagg FTW

  • Timothy

    I want one!

  • Gregorykho

    I waited in line for 9 hours on launch day at Oakridge just to be turned away. I didn’t give up so waited the next Wednesday for the 2nd shipment at Pacific for 6 hours and finally got one! I deserve a Zagg to protect my precious iPhone 4 !!

  • mddg

    I got the iPhone 4 a few days ago. bumper is on its way. all i need is a ZAGG invisibleSHIELD to complete it.

  • Simran

    Want it!!!

  • bsuge04

    Lined up twice and ended up empty handed both times…waiting for my online order to arrive.

  • vinciman1215

    Zagg shields are indestructible!!! Wish they would make one for my car…

  • Ddisoul

    I was second in line at the apple store in laval , quebec, waited 7 hours for the piee of art that is the iphone 4 and all this becausr of for posting apple stores opening at 7h am launch day… Thanks to you guys!!!!!

  • sg01

    Thanks for remembering us at the blog. I want to keep my iPhone scratchfree. Please pick me.

  • Alex K

    I’m pretty sure a meteor is going to hit the earth tomorrow, and my phone will be the initial point of impact. ZAGG shield might just save us all…

  • Lwaa

    popped into my local futureshop one night — no iphone4’s. Went in again the next evening for something else and thought I’d ask – yup, they had some! I walked out with a lovely iphone4/ I bought a zagg shield for my macbok pro – returned it as it didn’t fit it at all. I’m wary of them now.

  • Akshaybatta

    Will love to have Zagg invisible shield for my Iphone 4………… I stood in the line in front of apple store(eaton centre) on the very first day of launch……

  • Enzo

    Please enter me in your contest for the Invisible Shield giveaway…thanks.

  • iamlynda

    I Love Zagg almost as much as I Love!!

  • Kevin

    I like Zagg

  • user7

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  • Johnny

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  • Mrmozart

    I am an immigrant and I collected every penny to buy an IPHONE 4, help me to get a free Zagg shield, I got no money to buy one………!

    Enter me in your contest for the Invisible Shield giveaway


  • TheGene

    Zagg me please!!! =)

  • Awood

    ZAGG me!

  • Tony

    I would love an InvisibleSHIELD!

  • Akhentek

    i had the luck of ending up with a factory unlocked iPhone 4 upgrade from a 3GS this weekend, all this thanks to a really great friend.

    i have invisible shields on all my iDevices and highly recommended them to all our customers.

    please zagg my new iphone and save me a ferry trip to vancouver for one 😉

  • Fritz


  • C note

    I would like a Zagg shield before a jealous BB owner keys my iPhone 4

  • Uncle3

    show me the zaggg

  • Carlos

    Gotta gets me some of that free ZAGG swag

  • paps

    My wife and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary the week after the iPhone4 launch and decided that it would be cool if we got each other iPhones as anniversary presents. A little nervous since we heard there was shortage of phones, she heads to the Apple store on her way to work and lo! an Apple genius was bringing out the sign to lineup for the iPhone. She calls me up at work and tells me she’s 3rd in line.
    Long story short: I’d like to get the invisibleShield for her to thank her!

  • nocmun

    Hi, we’re newlyweds that celebrated with a pair of iPhone 4s; I’d like to get some protection before heading off on the honeymoon…

  • Caryn

    Good shields.

  • Jhuynh2000

    me please!

  • Schauhan17

    my iphone4 needs protection asappp.. hoping this post will be the winner:)

  • Eriksher

    I bought an iphone 4 32g from bell and they sent me a 16g and now they won’t return my calls.

  • Dallasdesign

    please please please, still waiting to get my iphone… but i will need a ZAGG for it.

  • Jack m

    I want ZAGG! I lined up but didn’t get one!

  • I hope I could win one

  • Syl

    Still waiting and waiting that my Fido store receive a iPhone4 for me… Meanwhile, I have a lot of pleasure using my iPad… and waiting to protect it with a ZAGG invisibleSHIELD!

  • Brock

    Would love to win some protection for my iPhone 4! Thanks for doing this!

  • Speedy T

    I would LOOOOVE to win this. I have heard soo much about it, and would love to try it out!!!!!!!!


  • JACK516


  • I really want one!!! Hope to win.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to be able to have it look like new even after years of having it! Please!!

  • Labelguy

    I bought your Zagg for my new iphone 4 and it put it on right after removing the original protective cover from factory. It protects it, but the look is not so great. It appears like I am looking at the awesome screen through waterglass. So far not that impressed for the money this cost me.

  • bro4ever

    I waited so long for an iPhone 4 I need a ZAGG to protect it now! Would be great to get one!

  • mjdb22

    I would love one, to go with my new iPhone 4 if I can ever find one in stock.

  • Hlfire

    I want that full-body swag.

  • Airsoft_snake

    give me one? or two? or give it to someone at least!

  • Thanks Dusty 🙂

  • Winner:

    – Fred Ngo

    Please contact me via twitter or email!

  • Yay!

  • robvya

    nice id like to have one :O thanks guys!

  • Brendan

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