$50 iTunes Cards on Sale at T&T Supermarket Locations in Ontario [u]


If you’re looking for an iTunes Card sale, $50 cards are 20% off at T&T Supermarket locations in Ontario until November 14, selling for $40:

3rd party gift card poster

Discounted iTunes Cards can fund all of your digital purchases from Apple, which also applies to in-app purchases and subscriptions.

You can find a list of locations here. Unfortunately, the offer is not listed as available in stores in Vancouver.

Update: Many of you have told us iTunes Cards sales are also going on at select 7-11 and Loblaws locations–your mileage may vary:


  • canadan

    Exact same promotion at Loblaws and others as well. Got mine at my local Loblaws yesterday 🙂

  • reformcanada

    There really is no reason to ever buy an iTunes Card at full price, they seemed to be on sale at different stores on a cycle, you just need to keep your eyes open for it. I have seen them on sale throughout the year at Staples, Loblaws, Mac’s Milk, 7-11, Future Shop, Best Buy, Metro (and they are usually on sale at different times). This is the first time I have seen it at T&T.

  • Yeah, not surprised T&T has them on sale but it’s also the first time I’ve seen them promote this.

  • Alex

    T&T is owned by Loblaws so I guess it makes sense that Loblaws is carrying the promotion as well…

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