4 Cases from USB Fever Reviews & Giveaways!


While I have to admit, I’m quite happy with my Speck Fitted Case, I am constantly on the prowl for the ‘perfect’ case.

I used to use a soft-style silicone case for a really long time with my Original iPhone, and so I ordered a few from USB Fever to test out. While, one of the drawbacks of cases is that it covers your phone, so I picked up a clear case, and a half-case too – just to cover all my bases. Hopefully my opinion will help you decide on what type of case you’d prefer.

I’ll go over each of them individually, and list the pros and cons, see the bottom of the post for Giveaway Details! Prices below do not include $2.99 Shipping.

Up first,
Silicone Case for iPhone 4 with Color Bean Dot
Price: $14.00 USD
I usually very much enjoy Silicone Cases. I just can’t figure out why this one doesn’t catch my fancy. It could be the ‘removable’ dots, which, great, you can customize the colours of your iPhone, but doesn’t serve any other sort of purpose. The case itself fits really nicely, although I found it to be a bit thick. It does feel fantastic and something about the soft style cases makes me feel safer about if I were to accidentally drop my iPhone 4. If this were a simple, thinner, silicone case and was about $5 cheaper I’d highly recommend it. As it is now, however, it’s just a bit bulky for me. More Photos:

Soft Back Cover Case for iPhone 4 (Flowers)
Price: $12.00 USD
This silicone case is much slimmer than the one above, plus it only covers the back and sides with the tiniest lip over the front. I really like that this maintains the square-like shape of the iPhone 4, however for those of you with Invisible Sheilds you should watch out that this doesn’t lift it up. With that said, I wouldn’t use this case without one, so it’s sort of a catch 22. If you don’t like these flowers, there are also these flowers, these turtles, some butterflies, or these flowers and butterflies. See more pics:

Then we have,
Crystal Case for iPhone 4
Price: $9.99
I honestly think that this is a bargain at this price, however, I’m usually not a fan of hard-shell cases. This one is different and I really like the fact that it covers lots of the front, and being clear, it doesn’t hide your sexy iPhone 4 from the world as much as most cases do. There are drawbacks though. The ‘home button’ button is built-in and when pressed does not give you the satisfying ‘click’ that one is used to. Additionally both the Camera-Hole and the ‘Home Button’ Button didn’t quite line up exactly, this may have been because I have an InvisibleSheild on, but I thought I’d mention it just in case. Strangely, this case has a cut-out for SIM tray as well as all the regular holes. More pics here:

Ok, now I’ve saved the best for last,
Twine Leather Case for iPhone 4 (Carbon Look – Black)
Price: $19.99
OK, to be clear, I’ll have to state that this case is in no way made of Leather. I honestly don’t know why they call it that. However it is made from Polycarbonate Resin and has a fantastic twine/patchwork style design on the back. It’s a back/sides case, and comes with a protective screen cover & microfibre cleaning cloth. The back inside of the case is a soft felt-like material to keep your iPhone safe, and the sides snap on super-securely to give it full protection and a pretty sleek look.

I’ve tested dozens of cases over my time and this one has the same sort of quality one would expect with case-mate or griffin. Seriously, if this style of case appeals to you (and I didn’t think I’d like it until I put it on my phone and was impressed), you should consider picking it up. Of the four cases I’m showing you here today, this is hands-down my favorite. And the fact that it comes with a protective screen & microfibre cloth is just icing on the cake. More pics:

So that’s my rundown of the cases from USB Fever. Now, on to the GIVEAWAYS!

It really pains me to part with the Carbon Look Case, but I know that our readers deserve a chance at it, so that’ll be one of the three of these cases I’ll give away. The other two are the Crystal Clear Case and the Silicone Button Case. (I’m keeping the Flower Case for myself, because it’s adorable, and will match my iPad skin nicley).

For the Silicone Button Case and the Crystal Clear Case, comment below and let me know which of those two cases you’d like. I’ll draw randomly on Monday (September 6th) at 11:59pm ET (9:59pm PT) and announce the winners Tuesday.

If you want the Carbon Look Case (and Protective Shield) you’ll have to follow me on Twitter (@ChantelleJoytwt), I’ll be hosting the giveaway for it on Monday during the day. So you’ll have to stay tuned to my twitter feed!

Of course, you can always comment here and follow me too, you’ll double your odds of winning a case!

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  • By the way, The carbon case will be a Twitter only give away…

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  • Neither case has been won. The draw is Monday night at 11:59pm ET (see the bottom of the post for all the details).

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  • If you’re not going to read the Rules, you’re not going to win the Giveaway!

  • If you’re not going to read the Rules, you’re not going to win the Giveaway!

  • If you’re not going to read the Rules, you’re not going to win the Giveaway!

  • If you’re not going to read the Rules, you’re not going to win the Giveaway!

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  • If you’re not going to read the Rules, you’re not going to win the Giveaway!

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  • If you’re not going to read the Rules, you’re not going to win the Giveaway!

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