A Closer Look at Apple’s North Carolina Data Centre via Fox News


north carolina data centre

It is well known that Apple has created a $1 billion dollar data centre in North Carolina. Speculation about the use of this facility had led to rumours of a cloud music service and possibly a streaming video service, along with cloud storage for MobileMe.

Recently, a local Fox News affiliate in Maiden, North Carolina, visited the site of Apple’s 500,000 square foot facility, for a more detailed look at the site. They filed a ‘story’ about how some locals believe this facility is going to be more than just for iTunes. As per CNN Fortune:

There’s so much wrong with Fox News’ story that we almost don’t know where to start. (Did anybody ever think it was just for iTunes?) But thanks to its camera crew, we do get to meet aptly named Bill Wagenseller, the real estate guy who shot the first flyover, and Scott Millar, who is introduced as a Wall Street analyst but is really president of the Catawba County economic development corporation. Although the county’s building inspection office still hasn’t received any expansion paperwork, Millar likes the rumors that Apple might be doubling the size of the facility, from 500,000 sq. ft. to 1 million

Here’s the Fox News clip (Flash):

This data centre in Maiden, NC is massive. We don’t know what Apple has planned, but expect it to be something ‘magical’. Any sort of announcement would be fitting at WWDC, or at Apple’s September event, where iPhone 5 might be revealed.

What are your predictions about the future use of this data centre?

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  • iVictoria

    It’s all about Cloud computing and data storage/transfer and that’s what the new centre is all about. I have concluded that since buying Netflix would be too expensive given its current stock valuation, Apple will be streaming movies in direct competition with Netflix. It will also be streaming music in direct competition with Amazon and Google. I have no doubt that Apple has the resources to give Netflix, Amazon and Google a really good run for their money. Therefore, I expect unlimited music and movie streaming for a fixed monthly subscription fee within the next 6 to 12 months. The whole iTunes and MobleMe structure will be turned on its head and modernized. The cash flow for Apple will be out of this world!