Apple Said to Add AirDrop Wireless File Sharing in iOS 7


According to a report by 9to5Mac, sources tell Mark Gurman Apple looks to add AirDrop to iOS 7, a Wi-Fi ad-hoc service first launched within OS X 10.7 Lion back in summer of 2011. The feature is being tested internally and could makes its way into the final build of iOS 7:

Sources say that the AirDrop functionality is currently integrated into the standard iOS share menu. AirDrop will work between two iOS devices and potentially between an iOS device and a Mac.

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If AirDrop does makes its way into iOS 7, users should be able to seamlessly share images and other documents between devices and presumably Macs as well. Last summer, rumours pointed to AirDrop possibly being supported by the iPhone 5 based on the discovery of a Broadcom chip which included dual band Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct, which are supported in Macs that are AirDrop compatible.

Would you be interested in AirDrop sharing within iOS 7?


  • Wuju

    Love Aiirdrop. Please bring it on, Hope it can share file between two iOS devices. Like to take photo with the iPhone and view it on the iPad. Hope the wifi share can be done independently away from a home wifi network. Creat hotspot on one and airdrop it into the other.

  • LoWd0Wn

    I agree – that would be great!

  • reformcanada

    I actually have found that I have not found much use for airdrop really. But I am sure I would use it a lot more if there was mac to iOS airdrop integration,.

  • That would be a welcome addition for me.