Amazon Canada to Launch Nintendo Switch for Prime Members March 3 at Midnight PST

Share: has announced it will release Nintendo Switch console sales on March 3โ€”but exclusively for Prime members, as a perk.

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Online sales of the Nintendo Switch will begin on on Friday, March 3, 2017 at midnight PST (3AM EST), the consoleโ€™s release day, with a MSRP of $399.99 CAD. The device will be eligible for Prime shipping speeds, include same-day to Toronto and Vancouver, and one-day to Montreal. Prime comes with a 30-day trial, so one could sign up just to order the Nintendo Switch on launch day, which Amazon clearly wants people to do. told iPhone in Canada via email bothย the set of gray Joy-Con and neon blue and neon red Joy-Con versions will be released, alongside 40 various accessories and 20 compatible games, including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Prime members get this for 20% off if you pre-order).

Quantities of the console and games will be limited and are expected to sell out fast.

Embargoed press reviews of the Nintendo Switch console published today, with reviewers saying the portable experience is great, but limited choices in games, plus weak software and hardware issues are current downfalls, according to Ars Technica.

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  • Julien

    Hum… So what about the Prime members people who previously pre-ordered the Switch (on January 13) ? Will it get there on the 3rd ? Cause so far on my orders page it still say that it won’t ship until March 6.

  • Dylan

    I know it’s very annoying.
    I’m In Canada as well. I found out the exact min pre orders would begin on Amazon and did it right away. Plus Zelda, plus a pro controller once I could.
    And a Zelda Amiibo.

    None of them will ship till March 6th…..

    Ive ordered Pokemon sun and moon and it came release day….

    Nothing switch related will.

    I tried speaking with Amazon multiple times, the call centres out of north America are useless. I called till I got someone from north America. She said on the switch high demand blah blah blah bs.

    But I mentioned what about breath of the wild. It’s still there for pre order on right now. That made he scratch her head for awhile. Because it does qualify to arrive on release day.

    She played around then tried on and it showed the same shipping time I got……

    Ugh. This is very upsetting.

    Id of tried on bestbuy if I knew they’d do this.

  • Julien

    Yeah on BestBuy Canada they still have a lot of accessories available for pre-order (Pro Controller, Red + Blue JoyCons etc etc) and pretty sure they will get there day one :D… I guess we’ll know for sure if Amazon will ship it or not for Friday tomorrow evening ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dylan

    I’m hoping for a surprise to see it ship tonight or tomorrow.
    But I doubt it at this point.

    I’ve been hoping ever since I made my pre order that the shipping time would update….

    Like I even got my weekend all cleared and ready for it.

    But I’ll just be watching YouTube videos of people who got it. And try my best not to spoil Zelda.

  • Julien

    Took 3 days off next week… Hopefully my Switch will get there before they are over XD

  • Julien

    UPDATE: All my pre-ordered items have now changed status as “being shipped today” (and they took out their money) ๐Ÿ˜€ What about you ?

  • Dylan

    I came on here to say the same thing!!!!
    My hope is back!
    But they still say shipping out on the 6th.
    But I hope this changes!

    But only the switch and the pro controller say that on mine.

    Breath of the wild and my Zelda Amiibo still say pre ordered.

    But perhaps they will change. Maybe different warehouses?

    But yeah i hope it ships tonight and arrives tomorrow. I’ve been checking it every hour in hopes of another update. Like the carrier and a new shipping time!

  • Julien

    My Zelda say Shipping today too… weird! Let’s hope for the best ^_^

  • Dylan

    Hmm…. One theory is maybe they go in order. I pre ordered my switch the first minute they started. But Zelda was like 4 or 6 hours after that.

    I kinda forgot out of excitement to do Zelda right after.

    That or something else.

    Well if I was made to choose between the switch on Friday or just Zelda, I’d pick the switch so I could check it out.
    Vs just looking at a box and game cart I can’t play yet.

    Let me know if any of yours gets marked shipped today, I’ll do the same for you if any of mine do.

  • Julien
  • Dylan

    Well….. I know one of the things I’ll be doing when I get Zelda…. Not likely the first thing. But as a idiot that I am and since someone told me not to do something I’m likely to put my toung on it now…

    Just to confirm….

    Also nothing changed on my amazon order so far.

    I read online some Canadians using amazon had it change today to arriving tomorrow!!!!

    This is a very good sign!

    I do wonder what order they do it in.

    Since I timed my self so well you’d think I’d be one of the first…..

  • Julien

    Just received the confirmation email saying that it has shipped and is on the way to be there tomorrow by 8PM ! ๐Ÿ˜€ Hope restored ! (now it’s in the hands of Canada Post to deliver I guess…)

  • Dylan

    Alright first thing I did once I got the email and read what you said was call Amazon…….

    Because mine still has not shipped, checking again…..Nope same thing…..

    Either way I called got to speak to someone from southern America vs from one of the centers based in god knows where…

    Either way i explained from what I seen on reddit that multiple people in Canada have there Switch’s marked as shipped and arriving tomorrow.
    I even claimed my friend….. cough cough… aka you ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Said his just got marked as shipped.
    I claimed you as my friend to help validate my argument more then just people on reddit claiming it.

    The fellow seemed very helpful and I do truly believe his system is of no help to him on figuring anything else out.
    He actually was a gamer as well who wanted a Switch but from what it sounded like I suppose he did not have the cash at the right time…

    But i was hoping more information would be out there….
    Or if I could figure out how Amazon allocates and makes out their orders….

    I don’t know how quickly you made your order… but I did put mine in on that very first min pre orders began…

    I wonder if they due it based on province first…. or maybe they draw names from a fancy hat…. idk…

    But I am a Prime member and based on how long pre orders stayed up for in Canada, without a doubt mine should of been sent by now….

    I’m at the point where I hope Amazons system is bogged down and mine already shipped just taking a long time to update….
    I got excited…. my smart watch showed a email from Amazon but it was just based on my phone conversation….

    But yeah one question to help support one theory…
    What province are you in?
    I’m in Nova Scotia….
    Who knows maybe they do go in order of province… idk and the agent guy did not know….

  • Julien

    I’m in Quรฉbec ๐Ÿ™‚ and a Prime member too. I preordered mine like at 9.01am EST the day it opened in January ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dylan

    Cant remember the exact time I put mine in, all I knew is it was as soon as they opened haha, order does not show the time just the date.

    But yeah maybe because Quebec is a bigger province maybe that’s how there doing things….

    I am also clinging to hope that mine already shipped out, but maybe Amazons system is just very slow to update it to my account…. perhaps overloaded….

    The later it gets in the day the more concerned I am getting…

    Well all I know is I am starving… I’ve been to tied up with this Switch stuff I have not had anything to eat….
    Hopefully by the time I am doing eating I get that email I’ve been hoping and praying for…

    Well I’ll post back again if I get lucky enough for mine to ship today..

    Oh one more question i forgot to ask last time.

    Is your Switch really just shipping though Canada Post?

    I find Amazon tends to use Purolator, but if it is Canada Post and marked to arrive tomorrow, I am fine with that because Purolator as screwed me before with missing the scheduled delivery date, Canada post has a better track record for me…

  • Julien

    Yep! Canada Post for me. I have created a “Virtual” PO Box (forgot the name) in my local Post office so, except when it’s not possible, Amazon always ships through Canada Post. When it’s coming from Amazon’s Ontario warehouse stuff really do get there the next business day 9 out of 10 times so I’m really hopeful that my Switch will get there by tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚
    Don’t lose hope though! Sometimes I got my notification email around 10PM/midnight and it still got there on time ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dylan

    I’m heartbroken….. I got the email saying it did ship…. but there telling me it wont get here till Wednesday March 8th…………

    Like I suppose at least it is coming right….
    But why Wednesday!!!!!!!!!

    I’m hoping this is an error that will correct….
    It also shows its been shipped by Canada Post….

    Ugh….. so much for the long weekend I created….

    Like I’ve gotten many things from Ontario to Nova Scotia in just a single day…..

    So it’s not impossible…. just for some reason if this shipping time is true… I’m getting screwed….

    I paid for the fastest shipping as well of course…

    Sigh…. ๐Ÿ™

    So my game plain is to try to avoid having anything Zelda related spoiled to me…
    (despite spoilers are a guilty pleasure sometime)

    Well time to open up my bottle of red wine, drink the whole thing…. become a drunk fool…. fall asleep on the sofa…. maybe wake up to updated shipping times???

  • Julien

    Or wake up Wednesday? Sorry for you buddy ๐Ÿ™

  • Dylan

    Hmm….. I need more booze then I think….
    I got a mostly full bottle of rum…. and my girl friend purchased some Frangelico for cooking…. I could drink all that…
    Maybe then I’ll wake up Wednesday?

    Oh well, I’ll stay hopeful for now….

    Bottom line at least I’ll have it!

    I’ll also have it allot sooner then I had my original Wii (8 months after release) or my Wii U (4 ot 6 months after release)

    Either way let me know if you get it tomorrow, let me know what you think of it as well.

    I am 99.9% sure you got Zelda right?
    Any other games on release for you?

    Really looking forward to Zelda has near perfect & perfect scores all across the board!

  • Julien

    Will let you know ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yep got Zelda and Bomberman for now ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dylan

    Well I’m abit hungover but yeah basically I paid for Priority shipping on 3 out of 4 switch items I ordered.
    I wanted Priority on the Switch, Pro Controller, & Breath of the wild.

    I was not going to pay an extra $3.99 to get my Zelda Amiibo sooner so I didn’t…. for some reason Amazon shipped everything under the same free Prime shipping the Amiibo would of been sent by…. Even tho I paid $3.99 extra on each of the other 3 items.

    I called and complained and got though another north American call centre (yay)
    I explained and she refunded me the extra shipping charges, I pushed a little more continuing to state my disappointment and she offered me a $20 credit onto my account.
    Plus for each mistake an extra month of Prime membership so an extra 3 months.

    I used that $20 to go towards an archer Link Amiibo, so…. at least I got something…. but I’d rather be playing the game right now on my new Switch….

    Also got teased, I wanted the official Nintendo carrying case and screen protector it was there in stock again! but before I got the order completed someone purchased the last one….
    None till March 11th it says now…

    But that’s the end to my story right now, but lets hear yours once you get the game! lol (minimal spoilers please) But a lil’ meat is okay haha.

  • Julien

    Hey can we continue this discussion on reddit maybe ? By private message ? My handler is taigebu there. What’s your handler ? I think we have monopolized this disqus board for long enough ๐Ÿ˜€
    I’m gonna delete my comments here except my first one ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Dylan

    Alright I just need to figure out how to use Reddit now haha, i know about it, just never joined.
    I just Joined and it bothers my eyes text is so small haha.
    I assume handler is the user name?
    I just created my self as Dylan-Ma

    I need to learn this site so I’ll poke around and figure out how to use it.