App Store Prices Increasing in Canada Again Due to Tanking Loonie [u]


According to an email sent out to developers, Apple is set to increase prices in various App Stores around the world, to reflect exchange rates.

The email says “When foreign exchange rates change, we sometimes need to update prices on the App Store,” (via iMore).

In the next 72 hours, prices for apps and In-App Purchases will increase in Canada, plus:

  • Israel
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • South Africa

Apple says subscriptions will be not interrupted in Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, and Singapore. Before an existing subscription renews in these countries, users will be notified by email of price increases and have an option to disable subscriptions.

Users in Russia and South Africa will need to resubscribe at updated prices. Israeli users will not be affected, as In-App Purchases are not supported in the nation.

Canada and New Zealand, explains Apple, will get two new low-price tiers: Alternate Tier A and Alternate Tier B. Existing apps and In-App Purchases that already use these tiers will have prices updated automatically.

Also, the Romanian App Store will have proceeds increased to compensate for VAT (Value Added Tax) decrease from 24% to 20%, which went into affect on January 1, 2016, but prices have not changed.

It was just over a year ago Apple raised App Store prices in Canada to reflect current exchange rates, making base $0.99 apps jump to $1.19.

With our falling Loonie, prices are going up again, and will take place in the next 72 hours.

How to combat these price increases? Stock up on discounted iTunes Cards. We’ll keep you updated when the next 20% off sale is on again at Costco and more.

Update: Here are the updated price tiers according to Apple’s support document (via TNW), which sees a $1 USD app now starting at $1.39 CAD, a jump of 20 cents from $1.19 CAD. Below is the pricing for the first 20 tiers:

apple canada price increases

Here are Alternate Tier prices:

Screenshot 2016-01-18 12.25.44


  • Dany Quirion

    They will probably adjust the price of devices.. iphone 6s 16gb will probably go from 899 to 949 or something

  • Looks like a $24.99 USD app I was considering for Mac is going up from 28.99 CAD to $34.99 CAD. Guess I’ll buy now and save $6 ????????????

  • Looks like App Store prices are going up by about 20% so I’d expect a bigger jump in device prices than that. More like $1,080. Though they may not do it until the next phone is released (I believe that’s how it worked the last time prices went up).

  • scouse

    .. but don’t forget, Turdeau will run a deficit and bring in Syrians. Canadian Economy? Who gives a …. about that!

  • Denis Beauchemin

    The Canadian economy is in bad shape because of the previous government that didn’t see fit to diversify it, going all in with tar sands.

  • Dany Quirion

    i doubt it since the price of 899 was based on .74 cent average

  • Check post update for a link to price increases from Apple. $1.19 CAD jumping to $1.39 and so forth.

  • hub2

    Nope, iPhone prices did increase mid-cycle last year. iPads remained the same. I remember because a week after the iPhone increases I was scrambling to get an iPad Air 2 from the Target closing sales.

    iPad Air 2 prices never did increase, and in fact prices are ridiculously skewed in our favour right now (or rather, if you were buying in Canada using USD), because a $499 USD Air2 is $549 CAD ($377 USD)

  • RickysCV

    I wonder if music stores prices are going up as well?

  • I totally understand why they did it, and I personally have no issue with it.
    The only thing I’m curious and waiting for, if our dollar rises to 90cents or so, will they reverse the hike?

    My wife is loving the low dollar. She does art work sales online for USD, so she’s pulling in extra monies.

  • iCloud

    If I understand correctly, $0.99 USD apps are now $1.39 CAD up from $1.19. But there will be a new $0.99 CAD tier?

    What’s the definition of Alternate Tier A and B for apps?

    Would developers start offering regular apps at $0.99?

    Also, is iCloud storage price affected?

  • iCloud

    There’s a way to buy a year of iCloud storage? I thought it was monthly only.

    How do I subscribe to a year at once and is there a discount to do so instead of monthly?

  • BigCat

    I don’t disagree, but I often wonder how a large country such as ours with a relatively small population could have avoided this downturn.

    Coal, minerals, natural gas, oil, forestry, and fisheries are all down. I guess that leaves manufacturing among others. It just seems like any remaining alternatives can be easily filled by millions of low cost foreign workers.

  • Wall Man

    This got me thinking and comparing.

    The iPad Air2 128 GB Cdn is C$899 vs U$829, that’s only a $70 difference or 8.4%. (70/829) Based on this, I would say a price increase should be on the way. The lower storage models are at a 9.6% difference.

    I’ve been looking at getting an Air2 to replace my wife’s Ipad3. It is interesting to see that I paid $849 for the 64GB model when it first came out and the 64 GB Air2 is $50 cheaper! I’ll probably go for the 128GB Air2 as it is only $50 more. That’s 4 years of progress.

  • Jason C

    Since I paid $969 for my iPhone 6 Plus last year and this year the new 6S Plus is $190 more, I suspect the iPhone 7 will be about $400 more, meaning I won’t be upgrading for a while ????