Apple Acquires 200 Acres of Land in Prineville for $3.6 Million



Apple has just bought about 200 of acres of land in Prineville, Oregon for $3.6 million, according to Crook County Judge Michael McCabe speaking to The Bulletin. Actually, the land Apple acquired on Friday is adjacent to its Prineville facility, signalling plans for future expansion.

The company has yet to disclose what plans it has for the acquired land, but earlier in April Apple filed an application with Crook County to expand its data centre operations. According to information shared by McCabe with The Bulletin, the application called for two pods, the large structures that house server farms the company uses for its cloud computing services. The permit reveals a new construction with an estimated value of nearly $6 million.

Fact is, Oregon is attractive to companies like Apple, as under a 15-year agreement signed with the county officials, it can save millions of dollars in taxes on equipment and site improvements on condition that it creates a specific number of jobs which pay well above the county median wage.

Apple has agreed to create 35 jobs according to the above. There is no specific information about how many employees Apple has in total in Prineville, but “one job in Crook County is equal to 50 in Multnomah County”, McCabe added.


  • erth

    shouldn’t Canada do this as well? agreements with companies to create jobs in lieu of taxes? how important are jobs in Canada? isn’t this a way to get out of the notion that Canada will always be a resource economy? we could also pit lower cost communities against the TOs of Canada.

  • I believe that some cities in Canada do indeed have similar agreements with large companies – Markham, for instance.

  • Fecal Fekete

    This article needs an editor. You don’t even mention where Prineville is until the third paragraph where you imply it’s in Oregon. How are we supposed to know where Prineville is or where Crook County is? Also: county is not spelled with an R.