Apple Axes Facebook, Twitter Integration in iOS 11

Apple has decided to remove Facebook and Twitter integration in iOS 11, as confirmed by Ina Fried over at Axios. The company added direct Twitter sign-in back in 2011 and Facebook sign-in a year later in 2012.

Here’s the existing menu in Settings, where you can see Twitter, Facebook and other system-integrated sign-in within iOS 10:

IMG 3261

Now here’s the same Settings menu in iOS 11:

IMG 0003

This system integration within iOS gave Facebook and Twitter an advantage over other social services, but with removal of both services, users will rely on system sharing extensions which first debuted in iOS 8 in 2014, making it a level playing field now for all apps and social networks.

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  • Riley Freeman

    surprised they did this but i have ios 11 installed since last night and havent notice any inconvenience as of yet

  • Roy DonovN

    How do you like it?

  • Riley Freeman

    hard to truly judge it since its a bit buggy and sucks your battery dry but i love the options for control centre. SOOOOOO much better. screen recording is so long overdue. GIFs having their own album is such a tiny additions but makes a big deal to me. Any guy that has a group chat with his male friends will enjoy this.

    i dont think theres anything too major outside of the screen recording as of yet to call this a dramatic change but needed improvements were made. Mind you there are some features not included as of yet

  • Roy DonovN

    Sounds good I’m excited to try it