Apple Canada Releases Lower Unlocked iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c Pricing


Apple’s website has been updated with a minor price drop for unlocked iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c models available in Canada.

iPhone 5s now comes in 16GB and 32GB at the following:

  • 16GB –  $639 ($74 drop)
  • 32GB – $699 ($120 drop)

Screenshot 2014 09 09 12 44 42

Last year, the 16GB model was starting at $719, while the 32GB was at $819.

iPhone 5c is now available at the following unlocked pricing:

  • 8GB – $469 ($130 drop)

Screenshot 2014 09 09 12 48 25

The iPhone 4s looks to have officially retired.


  • Hugo Nguyen

    The 5c used to be 16-32gb only…now it is at 8gb, this isn’t really a price drop per se

  • That is true

  • Hugo Nguyen

    Beside, who is going to go with an 8gb nowadays ?? Apple is becoming a bit redicculously expensive…also by forgoing the 32gb, apple actually show it greediness!!! But hey, it can cuz a bunch of ppl are still going for it…especially for the 64-128gb ones now that they see the 16gb would be that expensive !!

  • Entry level users, such as (stereotyping here) our moms, dads, grandparents that are new to the iPhone. I have relatives that don’t download any apps, but only use calling, iMessage and FaceTime, with the occasional confused use of the Facebook iOS app.

  • aaloo

    yeah, I’m a bit disappointed at not getting 32gb, but we are looking at it the wrong way. for the same price as last year’s 32gb, I’m getting double capacity of 64gb. 16gb hasn’t changed in price.

  • Hugo Nguyen

    Interestingly, my mom and dad are in their 60’s now but once I showed them how to take good pictures on the iPhones (which I had to buy for them at 64gb) they are on a roll….posting on Facebook etc is just a small thing….they actually used upto 89% of the capacity of the 64gb iPhon I bought them

  • Hugo Nguyen

    Wait…how much do you have to pay this year again?? Last year 32gb would have been 819$ right? And the 64gb for 919$ and this year 64gb is already at 869$ which is like a 50$ off but really NAND memory aren’t that expensive nowadays, don’t always think that’s the bright side because that is what apple really wanna trap you on for 🙂