Apple Corporate Employee Recruiting Video Reveals What It’s Like to Work There


9to5Mac has posted an internal video of an Apple corporate employee recruiting video that documents what life is like working at their Cupertino headquarters. The four and a half minute video is narrated by Apple VP of Human Resources and Dean of Apple University, Joel Podolny and covers a wide range of areas about engineering, design and work ethic at Apple. It’s an interesting video that provides a glimpse of Apple’s headquarters and culture that we’ve never seen before. Check it out below:


  • Chris

    How long till Apple has that video pulled off of YouTube. It makes them look good but secrecy is everything to them.

  • Agreed. Watch it while you can.

  • Adam

    Possible larger iPhone looks legit… probably will be pulled off for editing!

  • djepsilon

    Sigh… I wish I could work at Apple.