Apple Engineer Let Go for Letting Daughter Film iPhone X Vlog


The Apple engineer who allowed his daughter to film and release a YouTube video about his iPhone X, has been let go by the company reports Reddit user JBeylovesyou. The original video was shot by Brooke Amelia Peterson at Apple’s campus.

In the video, we saw how Notification Center and Control Center are activated on the device, plus how Animoji look like, along with how apps look with the ‘notch’ at the top. Peterson gushes about the camera on iPhone X, which takes place within a visit to Caffe Macs, the cafeteria at Apple’s current headquarters.

The saved clip on Reddit omits one clip of the vlog, where her dad is seen testing Apple Pay with iPhone X using Face ID at the Caffe Macs checkout.

Today, Brooke posted a new YouTube video were she reveals her father was fired from Apple. Take a look at the video below:

What do you think of Apple’s decision to fire Brooke’s father? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Yoemo

    It’s pretty simple decision. The engineer signed a confidentiality agreement upon employment and he broke that agreement which would allow termination.

  • Craig

    The first sentence of the article has no subject.

  • Totally… that’s the first thing u hear when you work for Apple… it’s sad, but the guy got himself to blame if all this story is true…

  • FragilityG4

    I hate people losing their jobs but it was a stupid decision that had obvious repercussions. Having said that, I enjoyed the video Hahaha

  • Olley

    this only shows how vile youtube vloggers can be, even causes harm to people around them. if I were her dad I would def disown that fame hungry Casey neistat wannabe. i feel sorry for the dad. seriously sorry.

  • And you’re a horrible person.

  • Yes, rules are rules. He’ll get a job somewhere else I’m sure, but he’s probably learned from his huge mistake.
    Stop the hate.

  • It’s Me

    I had to stop watching after 3 minutes, she’s so annoying. Does she at any point acknowledge it’s her fault that her dad was fired? She repeatedly mentions that her father owns the mistake and is sorry for it. But the fault is with her. I kept waiting to her her say “this is not my fathers fault, even if he is responsible. The fault is totally and completely mine for listing a video for attention when I knew I wasn’t supposed to”. She even says she expects Apple will do a better job ensuring everyone knows the rules, which is daft because everyone that needs to know knows. She chose to ignore the rule.

  • Yes I agree…
    I’m sorry I didn’t believe her when she talked about posting video and not wanting subscribers etc… She ignored the rule and knows it… but the dad should have known better too… unless it was all planned… so we don’t know the whole story.

    Let’s stop making stupid people famous…

  • It’s Me

    And the semi-smirk she has when she first starts the video showing off how she was neck and neck with Ellen. She was clearly proud of the attention she gained.

  • It’s Me

    What’s the matter with you?

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Steve Jobs broke plenty of rules, and would Apple have ever fired him? Actually, they did, but that didn’t exactly go well for them now did it. But honestly, I don’t know what the big deal was about her video – this was after the keynote introducing the iPhone X and after other hands-on reviews of the iPhone X hit YouTube. Did she show anything that hadn’t been shown before? She wasn’t even critical of it. Mindlessly firing her dad because “it was a rule” just isn’t very humane. It’s just a phone.

  • Kinda figured something like this was going to happen. Of course every device has leaks and bloggers get early editions, but when you work for the company in question, it really puts out the notion of ‘what else could this employee leak later?’ Of course standing agreements, also showing other employees that this isn’t okay to do.

    I feel she doesn’t show much remorse for her father losing his job because SHE filmed it and “accidentally” posted it as it was reported earlier. After all, she was the cause of his termination. I mean, I’d show my kids new toys early if given the chance in the privacy of my home if I was in a position such as his, but filming and posting is a no brainer, just so you brag to your friends at school how many likes you got.

  • Leaking is serious in the tech world, especially if the employee has been there for a long time if what she explained was correct. He probably knows a lot of things about products and future products, and Apple probably just clipping potential leakers, as they’ve had issues with leaks for a while now.

    Maybe they didn’t want to take the chance that he’d leak something critical next week for example.

    Of course no one knows for sure, it’s purely my thoughts on the matter.

  • Yeah, noticed that too.
    It almost seemed she didn’t care all that much she got her dad fired.
    Not emotionally anyways.

  • I think she did care. I can’t see her facial expressions, but she sounded sincere.

  • Maybe you’re right, I think it was just kinda shadowed in my mind with the “look how popular I am” now comment that was before it all.

  • Hosaka

    “…What do you think of Apple’s decision to fire Brooke’s father? Let us know in the comments below…”

    Harsh but necessary. Company has to set an example and that any & all employees (not just working for Apple) should take their NDAs VERY seriously.

    The YouTube Vlogger is annoying. The quick edits for every second word was pretty bad. Okay, so you messed up the first three or so takes. It doesn’t mean you should stitch up your words to make it look like a cohesive sentence.

    The whole “my dad takes full responsibility” is pretty bad. She should take some of that responsibility as well. She made the video and uploaded to YouTube without any due care. Father’s name & face is shown visibly in the original video, to make Apple easy to spot and identify. From what I learn, there are signage and warnings in Apple Infinite Loop building (especially the entrance & sign-in desk) noting that photography and videography is strictly forbidden on and in the Apple campus, including Caffe Macs (cafeteria). Employees, staff members, guards and so forth usually comments to anyone that photography of any kind is forbidden.

    Both dad and daughter are at fault. The father should know better. Her comments in the video sounds like a spoiler brat (despite being married, recently pregnant, and running her own business) repeatedly stating that her father takes full responsibility. I can see it over at the family dinner table, “it’s okay honey. It’s daddy’s fault.” Even if he blamed himself for it, I would still step up and take the blame.

    What really sucks is Mr Bauer might have some difficulties getting hired at another big tech company after all this. If you’re running a company like Samsung (which he previously worked for) or Apple, would you want to hire someone who let their son/daughter play with an unreleased smartphone/device, which may be running early versions of software, and post it on YouTube/Twitter/Facebook/blog?

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    I know Apple thinks it’s serious, but you know what else is serious? Someone losing their job. I still haven’t seen any evidence of anything that was actually leaked; we’ve all seen the iPhone X already. What secret things did that video allegedly show? And let’s get real, what amazing secrets has Apple kept lately? The touch bar? Nobody is going to copy that. The notch on the iPhone X? There have been Android phones with notches in their screens already. Ok, maybe the Kinect built into the notch of the iPhone X was worthy of a secret, but why do we support this? Competition is good. Why do we attack leakers when we are the same people that run to read the leaks?

  • because he’s an engineer who clearly gets some products early and knows more than someone on the outside knows for a good reason.

    If it was your money and business secrets at risk, maybe you’d see it differently. I’m trying to think from Apple’s perspectives.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    They could have issued a warning. I just don’t think it was humane. When another Apple engineer lost an iPhone 4 in a bar BEFORE it was announced, Apple got a lot of respect from me for not firing him over it. I’m sure Apple will get to hire better engineers if it’s not seen as a draconian place to work. Maybe he was a terrible employee and this was the excuse to let him go, I don’t know. But I’m just saying Apple looks a bit bad here.

    Aside from this shortsightedness, I totally understand not giving away secrets when I promise not to do so. I would never do it and have always kept work secrets when asked to. I remember dying to tell people I was working on Microsoft Office for iPhone and IPad, but I didn’t tell a soul until they were fianally realeased.

    My main point here is that I understand it from Apple’s point of view (even if I don’t agree with it), but why do most of us identify with the cold corporate entity rather than the people whose lives are affected by the corporations’ decries. We as consumers benefit from jobs and competition – so why are we so quick to condemn an employee that made a mistake and cheer his job loss? I think if we read blogs like this one where leaks are are a staple, it’s just bizarre to see people pile on to condemn a leaker. I’m not aiming this at you but just putting it out there for people to think about. I think we need more humanity and less self-importance. Just think of it this way, would Trump have fired him? You bet he would! Do you all want to be like Trump? 😉

  • Nooo! Using a trump trap is cheating!!
    Lol 😛

  • There’s a difference between mistakenly losing an iPhone and intentionally allowing your daughter to vlog about an unreleased product, even though the press had already seen it.

    When you work for a company, respect the NDA you signed. Apple already had tons of leaks about the iPhone 8/X, and this was probably a way to “get back” at one of the leakers.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Ok, I’ll be devil’s advocate – if you warn an employee that he’ll be fired next time he lets his daughter vlog about a phone, he probably won’t do it again. But if you allow an absent-minded employee that has proven he is capable of losing the world most secret phone another chance, how do you stop him from abesent-mindedly losing another one? If you want to keep a tight ship, you’d want to keep the first employee and fire the second.

  • Mario Gaucher

    I know th real reason why he was fired…
    The device had Google Maps app right on the first home screen

  • Salinger

    The big deal is, he no doubt signed an employment contract that was explicit and was well aware that filming on Apple Campus is strictly prohibited. He was employed by Apple for several years, so no chance he was too new to not know or understand.

    You can say there was nothing in the video that did any harm, but if Apple was to let this go, essentially there’d be open season on filming. I’m sure the rule is there so as to not inadvertently film something in development or classified. Apple does not want to see dozens of videos on YouTube filmed on Campus and have to review each one to see if there’s anything there that shouldn’t be seen. No, that’s why they have the blanket rule.

    We all have rules specific to our workplaces that will result in our termination. It’s our responsibility to know and understand them. He was being a nice Dad and helping his daughter get some views for her YouTube channel, but in the process, violated a very serious article of his employment. The firing is sad, but justified.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Well, it just depends on how much power you have whether you’ll be fired over breaking a rule – look up “the Steve Jobs Backdated Options Scandal”. – Steve broke a rule that he was responible for knowing, but all he had to say was “I didn’t know” and they let him off. I’ll bet the iPhone X guy that was fired wasn’t allowed that excuse.

  • Salinger

    The rules were clear, he knew them, he paid the consequences. Whatever Steve Jobs or the Apple Board did a decade or more ago doesn’t change that.

    This comes down to personal accountability. And yes, it does depend on the power, or more aptly, the contribution one makes to the company. Losing Jobs at the time would have been a massive blow to Apple. Losing one engineer out of how many? …not so much. Like any corporation, I’ve not doubt they weighed the good with the bad.

    In this case, not enforcing their long-held and known rules for an employee would have meant open season on filming on campus and that could have had disastrous results down the road.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Not to get personal, but haven’t you ever broken the speed limit while driving? “The rules were clear”, you knew them, but you still did it anyway, right? The consequences can be severe – loss of life even. But you still did it. “Personal accountability” and all that. You should hand in your licence. “Losing one [driver] out of how many? Wouldn’t matter much”. Hand in your licence quickly as it may have “disastrous results down the road.”

  • Salinger

    Yes, I knew the rules, and the consequence for breaking the speed limit isn’t loss of licence, at least not at the few km/h I did. And if I was idiotic enough to post a video of me doing so and it went viral, I’d blithely accept the ticket I got in the mail as being my own fault.

    Anyway, I know from being around here for some time, you’re not about to let this drop or let anyone else be the last to speak on the topic, so I’ll leave it here, you can have your inexorable reply and we’ll be done. 🙂

  • Tom Tom

    Is she seriously thinking that this is her father but not her fault???? Yes we know you like making videos, but as a video uploader you bear a responsibility for whatever you are uploading and sharing with the rest of the world. I am sorry about her father being let go, but at what point will she being accepting the responsibility and saying it’s on her?

  • Léon

    Maybe you should follow your own advice and stop the hate?

  • Léon

    There are some good points here. Seeing the human side in all of this seems like a no brainer yet many side with ‘cold corporate entity’ offering rules-are-rules rationale while never personally refusing to click on any fresh Apple leak news. However small, this is being complicit with the very thing being denounced, so it comes across as hollow and hypocritical. One can’t have it both ways and still hold the moral high ground. Loving technology doesn’t have to make us cold, heartless and indifferent towards human cost even when a person makes a mistake.

  • FragilityG4

    Yeah because he didn’t see the giant camera on her shoulder, know that she’s a vlogger and realize she would post the video. Yeah he has no blame in this ?

  • It’s Me

    You’re right, Apple will look bad here but the haters always try to make them look bad.

    It would be nice if they would have been more humane and given him a warning. And then the next one that breaks more serious rules, maybe an earlier leak, can sue when he gets fired by saying “I expected I’d just get a warning”.

    Rules need to be applied evenly.

  • It’s Me

    What a horrible example. If you get caught speeding, are you really going to expect an argument like “come on, speeding isn’t serious, how about a warning” to work? It’s exactly a lack of personal responsibility to expect that. You intentionally broke a rule, when you get caught you should expect the normal consequences.

  • Sam

    Please tell us how you appled your own (this) sentiment to yourself first (and post it back here). ……if not……

  • Every employees knows the rules. This was stupid on his part. Sad that he loses his job but he brought it upon himself. Apple even ends relationships with parts suppliers , etc. for things like this. Everyone knows this.

  • Nexus6

    His phone reportedly blow up after Samsung called him repeatedly.

  • Riley Freeman

    i cant really feel sorry for them because anyone with a brain knows that they shouldnt have done that. From her to her father. It does suck losing the job but its common sense

  • Riley Freeman

    now that ive watched it in full, she is right if there are other hands on videos then its a bit silly. This should have been a suspension without pay.

    i get that she may have shown more than what other people were allowed to show in their hands on but firing is excessive if you are allowing other hands on videos

  • Ron

    They probably needed to set a precedence. If they didn’t fire him, what’s to stop other Apple engineers from doing the same thing? I’m also pretty sure they took other things into account, such as his job performance and importance. If he is lacking in any of those he’s a goner for sure. The guy who leaked the iPhone 4 was probably someone in a position of importance, that couldn’t easily be replaced.

  • Steve

    The father is more to blame, than the daughter. At his age, working for Apple for years, and knowing their policies about filming on campus and product leakage, he should absolutely know better. The guy is just an idiot. The daughter on the other hand, is a little kid and is clueless about any of these rules set by Apple, so you can’t really blame her.

  • FerrariF1

    Its unfortunate they let him go but those are the rules and you cannot break them.

    I really enjoyed the video she posted because it gave us a close look at he iPhone X. It sucks that such a popular video to the fans of Apple ended the job of the girls father.

  • Olivier

    Two days later Apple sends iPhone X to dozens of influencers in hopes of generating hype. Maybe this girl was granting the right but needed to wait till the embargo finished, which she did not and this is why her dad got fired. Maybe it’s just that Apple wants coverage from some influencers and not her. Either way, this girl generated a lot of buzz towards the iPhone X